“Pirate Radio for Vogue Readers” Journalist and writer Zoe Williams
Last Thursday Mary and I had a fabulous time when the gorgeous Josephine Pembroke
 popped into Allium B HQ to interview us for her show.
We had a wonderful time talking about  Allium B, fashion, Mary’s style at Cambridge !?!
As a 14 year old I thought I had the coolest big sister ever.
Who else would vanish Liquorice Allsorts to make a necklace?!
Can you spot Mary? £30 voucher for the first 3 correct answers.
So what is Radio Gorgeous, I hear you say.
Launched in 2012 Radio Gorgeous is the brainchild of Josephine.
It’s a women only show, created for bold, intelligent and vibrant women.
It’s the glossy magazine of radio and it’s hosted by Josephine
 the self styled naughtiest girl in school.
A girl who loves to have fun, Josephine has been a jazz singer and a cabaret artist.
Created, styled and managed the eponymous 90′s all girl act club Pussies Galore
Nothing beats a girlie gossip whilst you try on lots of dresses.
So if you want to hear more about our wonderful afternoon
get yourself a drink (tea or glass of wine – the choice is yours) and
head over to Radio Gorgeous to listen to the podcast.
Josephine left with a couple of Allium B dresses looking truly gorgeous.
Hope you enjoy.
 “Such fun – like Woman’s Hour’s naughty little sister” Sam Taylor 



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