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Anne Gine Goemans – Gliding Flight

18 Mar 2015

Anne Gine Goemans – Gliding Flight Anne-Gine Goemans’ Gliding Flight brings together wonderfully yearning and flawed characters in a both heart-breaking and uplifting coming of age story. Her vivid characters in a challenging landscape is one reason she is described as the Dutch Annie Proulx. AUTHOR interviews every WEEK! Sign up for more

Cohousing? Could you do it? Springhill Gloucestershire

04 Dec 2014

Ever thought that for you, conventional family or ‘community’ living isn’t working? On the edge of a steeply valleyed town in the heart of the Gloucestershire Cotswolds rise a cluster of timber-framed buildings reminiscent of Scandinavia. The inhabitants of Springhill are inspired by a lifestyle slowly spreading in a worldwide movement called co-housing. The aim…

Wellbeing special | Breast Cancer

09 May 2012

Welcome to the Radio Gorgeous Wellbeing special, with Josephine Pembroke and co-host Donna Freed. This week we’re talking about breast cancer, a disease which affects 1 in 8 women, and touches the lives of many more. Breast Cancer is a disease which touches so many women’s lives, in many different ways, and for the lucky…