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Playwright Abi Zakarian new play FABRIC Gorgeous Entertainment with Donna Freed

11 Aug 2016

New Play, Fabric, by playwright Abi Zakarian with Donna Freed on Radio Gorgeous  Playing all throughout August at Underbelly at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, Abi Zakarian’s new play exposes the unravelling  of a young woman’s life after she is raped. She was commissioned to write the one-woman show for actor Nancy Sullivan and director Tom…

How To Juice Debrose of LIBRAW – Vegan Juicer HEALTH & WELLBEING

30 Nov 2015

 Podcast Length: 19 Minutes 18 Seconds How to Juice  meet Debrose of LIBRAW, She’s a Libra, she’s vegan and raw!    Food entrepreneur Debrose came along to Radio Gorgeous and illuminated us on all things raw, vegan and juicy! She has developed a line of organic foods and shares her knowledge through workshops and her…

SHARE A LOVER? Rules For Thursday Lovers by YANA STAJNO

09 Sep 2015

  Rules For Thursday Lovers by YANA STAJNO  What does a bored, ignored, middle-aged wife and mother do? Take a lover? Too much trouble on one’s own, wouldn’t it be better to share one with a friend? What could possibly go wrong with that? Josephine explores the possibilities of Rules For Thursday’s Lover with Yana. Yana…

Girls Will Be Girls – Emer O Toole

10 Mar 2015

Girls Will Be Girls – Emer O Toole Emer O Toole discovered early on that the veneer of gender can be very thin; somewhat like the dress we saw white/gold or black/blue, our eye fills in what we expect to see. In her book Girls Will Be Girls, she encourages us to be brave (braver…

My RELATIONSHIP with FOOD by LISA ROUKIN – Food & Drink with Josephine Pembroke

13 Jan 2015

Lisa Roukin battled eating disorders for many years until she radically changed her relationship with food. She shares her ‘100 recipes to nourish the mind, body and soul’ with Josephine. If her raw chocolate brownies are anything to go by, you will have a great relationship with her food as well! Buy the book or…

Chocolate Lover? The Little Book of Chocolat with Fran Warde & Joanne Harris on Radio GORGEOUS

11 Dec 2014

Little Book of Chocolat by Joanne Harris & Fran Warde  To celebrate Joanne Harris’ sensually descriptive trilogy Chocolat, she and Fran Ward collaborated on a delicious book of chocolat lore and recipes from around the world. A chocoholic’s perfect fix! @franwarde 

Alix Christie Gutenberg’s Apprentice Author of the Week with Donna Freed on Literary Lusts

10 Dec 2014

  AOTW: Alix Christie Gutenberg’s Apprentice Alix Christie, printer, journalist and writer, talks to Donna at the Buck’s Club, which was inspiration for the Drones Club whose preeminent member was PG Wodehouse who created Bertie Wooster. The Gutenberg printing press is the first tech start-up with all the attendant tension that we have become used…

Perfume Society & Divine Feminines Josephine & Donna on GORGEOUS GOSSIP Radio Gorgeous

09 Dec 2014

    GORGEOUS GOSSIP:  oo.45 PERFUME SOCIETY : 6.31 GG: While Donna is under the weather, Josephine is out tripping the light fantastic and picking up must have Feminine Divine paintings for Radio Gorgeous.  Jo Fairley of the Perfume Society has come out with The Perfume Bible, a gorgeous and informative book to ignite the…

Kristin Hannah Author of BESTSELLERS

03 Dec 2014

    Kristin Hannah – Author of the Week on Literary Lusts Donna has tea at the Corinthia Hotel in London with best selling American author Kristin Hannah.They swap stories about writing with their mothers and their own maternal fears as well as dealing with Dad’s dating. Kristin has 105,249 likes on FACEBOOK!…

Tracy Bloom Author I Will Marry George Clooney by Christmas

02 Dec 2014

  Our week: 00.30 Tracy Bloom: 10.40 Josephine is not unique in envying the life of her dog but not for the reasons you might think. Listener be warned: fat lumps and manicures are involved! Donna is unconvinced. The indomitable Tracy Bloom returns to Gorgeous Gossip for a chat about her timely – if your name is…

Own That Guy in 60 Days – Blake Lavak

26 Nov 2014

  Blake Lavak’s Own That Guy in 60 Days is a dating guide for women. He councils us to take the bull by the horns or the tuna by the tail as it were. We push single gal Mandy Lax into the dating pool with Blake. NOTE: This is not so much a guide to…

EMLYN REES A Very Hungover Caterpillar

24 Nov 2014

  It’s the Man Show! Donna gets rather overheated as she introduces us to Sadie Hawkins day, where the women do the asking – or chasing as the case may be. Josephine visits Planet of the Apes – or Gibralter. Our first guest on the Man Show is thriller writer, husband and writing partner, father…

Agathe Sorel Artist

20 Nov 2014

Our Week: 00:26 Agathe Sorel: 11.06 Josephine has the invitation of the season to a Spanish seaside wedding held at a nudist beach, the brides arrived in matching dresses on a …. we can’t ruin the surprise – listen and learn how it’s done! Donna explores the question: just because you can, should you? as…


18 Nov 2014

  Isabel Wolff GHOSTWRITTEN Man Booker prize winner Richard Flanagan’s The Narrow Road to the Deep North tells the story of the prisoners of war working on the Burma Death Railway but Isabel Wolff’s Ghostwritten tells the story of Klara, one of the many Dutch colonials interred on Java during the Japanese occupation. It is…

LISA TSE – The Sorority Club, Brand Creator – Women Connector with Amanda Ruiz

17 Nov 2014

Gorgeous Entrepreneurs: Amanda Ruiz talks to Lisa Tse, founder of The Sorority Club, an all female – and very feminine – private network of professional women.  Lisa also has two other thriving businesses Opus Art and  Lisa Tse Brand & Design Agency. Lisa is an artist at heart with a love for business listen to her…


14 Nov 2014

It became something of a joke in the British army that when Kate Adie arrived on the scene, the soldiers knew they were in trouble.The BBC’s chief news correspondent became one of the best-known faces on television for her reporting from the major wars of recent years. They include the Gulf War, the conflicts in…

Andree’s War by Francelle Bradford White GORGEOUS LIVES on Women at War Week on Radio GORGEOUS

12 Nov 2014

Andree’s War is the story Francelle Bradford White’s mother who was a founding member of the French Resistance during the German occupation of Paris. She was passing documents under the Nazi’s nose while working at Police Headquarters. Francelle wrote Andree’s story as a way of connecting with her as Andree now has Alzheimer’s.All proceeds of…

Juliet West Before The Fall

11 Nov 2014

Juliet West Before The Fall Working as a journalist, Juliet West uncovered the story of Before the Fall at the National Archives at Kew. Her heroine works at a cafe on the Isle of Dogs during WWI and has an affair with a man with “reserved occupation” and therefore unable to enlist as a soldier….

Anne Sebba on Women at War

10 Nov 2014

Don’t be bitter, go on Twitter. Josephine sounds off on the destructive nature of Facebook. Donna has a Eurorail adventure. A bit long in the tooth for a gap year, no? And friend of Radio Gorgeous journalist and author Anne Sebba discusses women journalists and the frontline. And her new book about women in Paris…

Laura MacMillan Mandarin Oriental Spa Prague

06 Nov 2014

Laura MacMillan, currently Spa Manager at the Mandarin Oriental Prague, trained as a therapist before transitioning into the management side of the business. She lets us in on the best treatments available.  10% off if your treatment  at The Mandarin Oriental Prague Spa  please mention RADIO GORGEOUS for your discount @lmacmillanMOSPA  Laura on Twitter…