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Virginia Ironside – Yes! I Can Manage, Thank You!

30 Jun 2015

  Virginia Ironside – Yes! I Can Manage, Thank You! AUTHOR OF THE WEEK with Josephine Pembroke Virginia Ironside – Yes! I Can Manage, Thank You! Not to mention the mad dog and the crazy new neighbour. And then there’s the lump, a frightening symptom of…what? Marie is back, courting laughter and disaster in equal…

Gorgeous Women in Gorgeous Guises with Charlotte Josephine/ Anne Sebba/ Virginia Ironside /Clare Duffy

02 Mar 2013

  you don’t have to listen to the whole show…you can just scroll to your favourite bit… Gorgeous Gossip and Bitch Boxer What is a bitch? Are you a bitch?  And is it such a bad word? Josephine and Donna discuss this emotive word in their Gorgeous Gossip, which leads us into Donna’s interview with…

Agony Aunt Virginia Ironside | On losing a beloved pet, dating woes, dead love-rivals and alcoholic spouses.

05 Mar 2012

The British are notoriously devoted to their pets and Virginia Ironside is no exception; she tells us hilarous tales of her intellectual cat Bob. But it wasn’t until she started answering letters from people who’d suffered the loss of a furry friend, she realised just how profoundly the death of a pet can affect us….