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Your Sexual Problems discussed with Psychosexual Therapist, Emma Waring NATIONAL MARRIAGE WEEK with Josephine Pembroke

14 Aug 2019

Emma talks intimately with Josephine about how to understand our bodies and the process of arousal better (including sensate focus exercises, cultivating play, and vibrators), and to increase sexual enjoyment as a couple. Emma also provides advice about common sexual issues – including erectile dysfunction, difficulties with vaginal penetration, pain during sex, early or delayed…

Is she REALLY your BEST friend? Dr Jane McCartney, Radio Gorgeous Agony “Sister” on Radio Gorgeous with Josephine Pembroke

01 Jun 2017

Is she REALLY your BEST friend? Dr Jane McCartney Radio Gorgeous Agony “Sister” on Radio Gorgeous with Josephine Pembroke  At first we seemed to have lots in common at and now our relationship has become one sided. Her only comments are about herself, her dramas and her family. Help she’s driving me nuts! And two…

Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy IS IT FOR YOU? Meet Lulu Ferrand Health & Wellbeing on Radio Gorgeous with Josephine Pembroke

11 Jan 2016

    Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy IS IT FOR YOU? Meet Lulu Ferrand Length 15.54 Gorgeous Wellbeing on Radio Gorgeous Lulu Ferrand had an awakening after surviving breast cancer. She has since become a biodynamic cranialsacral therapist focusing on rebalancing our bodies so that we may heal ourselves. As we are mostly made up of water,…

Why not LIFE CLEANSE? Meet Lydia Kimmerling

17 Sep 2015

  Why not LIFE CLEANSE? Meet Lydia Kimmerling  Lydia’s dream was to live in IBIZA. She is there now, I talked to her on Skype, so could you. Lydia believes that if we stop limiting our thinking we can go forward in life. Are you standing in your own way? Lydia Kimmerling wants you to remove what…

Sharon Dunscombe Bibliotherapist & Do you fancy your father in law? GORGEOUS GOSSIP

13 Apr 2015

    Josephine & Donna: 00:00 Sharon Dunscombe: 05:57   Apparently a substantial portion of men fancy their mother-in-laws, flirt with them and think they fancy them back! Josephine and Donna turn the tables and discuss whether they fancy their fathers-in-law. Does a cheeky flirt make for smooth familial relations? Listen in to their gossip….


28 Jan 2015

Zero Balance Massage Zero Balance Massage Therapist, Cherie Duir-Howe incorporates various massage techniques in her unique, painless bodywork. While she treats everyone, she is sought out by those who use their bodies for work from athletes to actors to acrobats. Josephine, a pampering enthusiast, checks it out. Find out more about Cherie LOVING our…

Survive & Thrive after TRAUMA with SUSAN COWE MILLER

14 Oct 2014

  Wellbeing: Survive and Thrive after Trauma with Healer Susan Cowe Miller We are very familiar with – and perhaps even inured to – the idea of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. However, the effects are real and can last in the victim for the rest of their lives. Susan Cowe Miller tells us her story…

Louise Chunn WELLBEING SPECIAL with Josephine Pembroke

04 Jul 2014

Wellbeing: Louise Chunn’s WELLDOING.ORGIt’s hard enough to admit we have a problem, let alone that we should talk to someone about it. But once we get to that point, who do we talk to?Ex Editor of The Guardian Women’s Page and Editor of Psychologies Magazine turned entrepreneur Louise Chunn saw a need for people to connect…