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Bible John, Written by Caitlin McEwan A DARK PLAY on at The Vaults, London GORGEOUS ENTERTAINMENT

28 Jan 2020

Lizzie Manwaring director of the play “Bible John” (last shown at Edinburgh Festival). Lizzie talks about this dark unsolved case featuring women who went out for a good night out dancing, which ended in horror. Set in Scotland in the late 1960 the play is partly a retelling of one of Scotland’s darkest unsolved crimes,…

GUY SINER of ‘Allo Allo’ fame – MAN WEEK with Victoria Pearson on Radio Gorgeous

02 Dec 2018

  GUY SINER of ‘Allo Allo’ fame – MAN WEEK with Victoria Pearson on Radio Gorgeous Guy Siner of ‘Allo Allo’ fame, famous for playing Lieutenant Gruber the gay World War Two German soldier. Guy discusses his fantastic career including his experiences on stage and screen, working with Johnny Depp and Derek Jacobi and his…

The Actresses by Barbara Ewing with Josephine Pembroke on Radio GORGEOUS

12 Jul 2018

The Actresses by Barbara Ewing with Josephine Pembroke on Radio GORGEOUS At last! A novel with a middle aged woman, with grey hair on the front cover is published in the UK. A first and a victory for us women! Ex actor Barbara chats to Josephine about her novel which has been rereleased after 21…

Karena Johnson, Director Female Parts : Shorts with Donna Freed GORGEOUS ENTERTAINMENT

07 Mar 2018

  Karena Johnson, Director Female Parts: Shorts with Donna Freed GORGEOUS ENTERTAINMENT  Karena Johnson talks about Hoxton Hall’s female centred festival culminating in three short plays she is directing: A Woman Alone, The Immigrant and A Mother. Each of these one woman pieces play with stereotype and women’s roles: wife, mother, immigrant that also reflect…

Emma Hall, Collective Rage: A Play in 5 Betties GORGEOUS ENTERTAINMENT on Radio Gorgeous

17 Jan 2018

  Emma Hall, Collective Rage: A Play in 5 Betties: Gorgeous Entertainment:  Emma has a mission: produce powerfully entertaining and though provoking theatre that addresses gender imbalances and encourages young people to work in all aspects of the theatre. As Peter Hall’s daughter, she didn’t really have a choice but her production company, Antic Face, which…

A Lie of the Mind by Sam Shepard Gorgeous Entertainment: Kate Fahy and Laura Rogers

26 Apr 2017

Gorgeous Entertainment: Kate Fahy and Laura Rogers Kate Fahy (Lorraine) & Laura Rogers (Sally) of Sam Shepard’s A Lie of the Mind Kate and Laura play mother and daughter in this gritty and darkly humorous play of love and violence in the American West. This is the second time they have been cast as mother…

Playwright Abi Zakarian new play FABRIC Gorgeous Entertainment with Donna Freed

11 Aug 2016

New Play, Fabric, by playwright Abi Zakarian with Donna Freed on Radio Gorgeous  Playing all throughout August at Underbelly at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, Abi Zakarian’s new play exposes the unravelling  of a young woman’s life after she is raped. She was commissioned to write the one-woman show for actor Nancy Sullivan and director Tom…

That’s Entertainment: THE PLAY THAT GOES WRONG – Award winning comedy theatre on Radio Gorgeous

14 Apr 2016

  That’s Entertainment: THE PLAY THAT GOES WRONG: A Comedy About a Bank Robbery Nothing goes to plan for Nancy Wallinger and Charlie Russell but that is the plan: they are the slapstick wonders of Mischief Theatre who has staged The Play That Goes Wrong and Peter Pan Goes Wrong. But a bank robbery? Piece of comedy cake;…

So, THIS is what happens STORYTELLING – Laurel Lefkow GORGEOUS LIVES by Jo Rees

19 Mar 2016

So, THIS is what happens STORYTELLING – Laurel Lefkow GORGEOUS LIVES by Jo Rees We all love a people who tell a good story or can recount something shocking or moving that happened to them in real life. So it’s no surprise that ‘So, This Is What Happened’, a story-telling club night in the Omnibus…

Intermission Youth Theatre – Doing it for themselves

02 Nov 2015

Intermission Youth Theatre: Mark Rylance was so impressed with Intermission Youth Theatre’s adaptation of Shakespeare’s Taming of the Shrew: Taming Who, he asked them to be their patron. Based in St. Saviour’s in Knightsbridge, Intermission Youth theatre is directed by former prison inmate Daren Raymond. We speak to Associate Director, Cecilia Segar and two young women in this…

Queen of HAIR THE MUSICAL Annabel Leventon at Crazy Coqs

23 Sep 2015

Queen of HAIR – Annabel Leventon at Crazy Coqs Annabel Leventon is a true rock chick. Performer, actress, cabaret star and serious actress is performing on Sunday 27 2015 September at Crazy Coqs in Covent Garden.  She has worked with many famous actors including Peter O’ Toole, Mark Rylance, Jeremy Irons and Elaine Paige. Judy…

Phenomenal People – VOTE for a WOMAN

01 Jul 2015

Nominate A Woman Who Inspired YOU! PHENOMENAL PEOPLE – INTERVIEW FOR RADIO GORGEOUS BY NICKI BANNERMAN Nicki Bannerman talks with Shakespeare and TV actress Victoria Moseley and poet and author Malika Booker at the Phenomenal People live theatre performance event. A pop-up live performance event called Phenomenal People celebrated stories about women in society with an…

Eclipsed at the Gate Theatre

29 Apr 2015

‘Eclipsed’ is a play explores the relationship between four young women at a rebel army base during the civil war in Liberia in 2003. In the context of war, what happens when the biggest threat is actually from your own side. Eclipsed is at the Gate Theatre in Notting Hill until May 16. Cast member…

My Stubborn Tongue by Anna Fishbeyn

15 Apr 2015

  My Stubborn Tongue by Anna Fishbeyn – The story of the girl who refuses to be defined by her origins (Russian in America, Jewish in Russia, poor little immigrant), this cabaret style show is told through Russian and American songs and dances from the 1980’s. That’s Entertainment: My Stubborn Tongue written and performed by Anna…

Norma Jeane The Musical – Marilyn Monroe

04 Mar 2015

Norma Jeane The Musical – Marilyn Monroe Norma Jeane The Musical examines real life events in the blonde bombshell’s life in February 1961, 18 months before her death – ruled a suicide – from an overdose of barbiturates on August 5, 1962. She is visited by the ghosts of her troubled past during this turbulent time….


02 Feb 2015

00:00 – Gorgeous Gossip  09:35 – The Separation Welcome to our Happy Valentine’s Divorce Special! Baby It’s cold outside – Josephine and Donna are on the sofa with their loved ones: The Box Set. Josephine is mad on Madmen and Donna shows her age by calling Brideshead Revisited a boxset. We dismiss Scandi noir in…

Do you ever feel EXCLUDED? & Munitions Workers – OUT OF THE CAGE a new play on GORGEOUS GOSSIP

19 Jan 2015

Josephine & Donna’s Week: 00.00 Meet actors from Out of The Cage: 7.27 Surprise, surprise: Josephine fell off the wagon but only to the tune of two glasses but Donna still gets to say ‘I told you so!’ Josephine also finds some long lost relatives who are just like her! Donna talks to Milly Finch…

KIKA MARKHAM OUR TIME OF DAY: My Life With Corin Redgrave/ Gorgeous Lives on Radio Gorgeous

07 Jan 2015

Is a relationship the accumulation of shared experiences? Corin Redgrave (from that acting family) suffered brain damage following a heart attack which left him unable to fully remember his 20 year relationship with actor Kika Markham (most recently Lois Selfridge on Mr. Selfridge). Previous to his affliction, their life together was one based on a deep mutual love, in addition…

London Theatre Summer Round Up & ToXic Friendships on GORGEOUS GOSSIP with Josephine & Donna

14 Jul 2014

Donna and Josephine have made treks to the Regents Park outdoor theatre. Donna to see the exhuberant, kid friendly – think panto participation at some points – 12th Night. Josephine went for the much more high brow but equally entertaining Porgy and Bess. Donna also spoke to Tanya Moodie who plays Esther, a black seamstress…

Twiggy 1960’s

05 Jun 2014

Twiggy 1960s on Radio Gorgeous

In the 1960s Twiggy was the most famous model on the globe in the 1960s as big as the Beatles and she was only 16. HEAR her story here on Radio Gorgeous, Twiggy tells us about growing up in Neasden in the 1960s, the madness of fame and her career as a model, film star, musical theatre star, and more… Twiggy part two we hear about her love life, family, her modelling and now as a designer at M&S.