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Catherine Mayer CO-FOUNDER of WOMENS EQUALITY PARTY on Radio Gorgeous

09 Feb 2016

  5x 15 presents: Catherine Mayer CO-FOUNDER of WOMENS EQUALITY PARTY on Radio Gorgeous. Talking at The Methodist’s Hall, London SW1, January 2016.   Catherine Tweets: Find out more about WEP: 5X15 give amazing talks http://5× Radio Gorgeous PODCASTS for WOMEN sign up at      

Caitlin Moran talks at The Womens Equality Party Fundraiser

27 Jan 2016

5 x 15 presents: Caitlin Moran talking at the Womens Equality Party Length:  As Caitlin Moran points out, feminism was all well and good and unnecessary until she had children and became a second class citizen. Caitlin presents her bid for the Women’s Equality Party in the 15 minutes allotted her by 5×15. She had…

ARTIST Susy Michie – APHORISMS at the Hospital Club LONDON

05 Feb 2015

Artist Susy Michie is obsessed with pattern. Her powerful, intricately textured works are created with thousands of minuscule pencil marks. Josephine joins Susie at The Hospital Club for a private tour of her current exhibition. @sumichieartist  General Enquiries For more GORGEOUSNESS join our mailing list

ABI ROBERTS Comic – Twerk in Progress

28 Apr 2014

 ABI ROBERTS Comic Josephine and Donna both admit to faking orgasm to no good end! This is one instance where you should NOT fake it until you make it. You ain’t gonna make it if you fake it. Big-haired, loud-mouthed comedian and impersonator Abi Roberts tells us about her TWO Edinburgh shows and does a…