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Josephine Pembroke at THE HUB DOT – The F Word

10 Feb 2016

One minute. That’s all our storytellers have on the Hub Dot stage. And their ability to cram everything they want to say into 60 seconds is mind-blowing. Our storytellers’ rock! Be it personal, professional, funny or profound (or all four!) they have so much to say in such a short period of time.   And…

Sharon Dunscombe Bibliotherapist & Do you fancy your father in law? GORGEOUS GOSSIP

13 Apr 2015

    Josephine & Donna: 00:00 Sharon Dunscombe: 05:57   Apparently a substantial portion of men fancy their mother-in-laws, flirt with them and think they fancy them back! Josephine and Donna turn the tables and discuss whether they fancy their fathers-in-law. Does a cheeky flirt make for smooth familial relations? Listen in to their gossip….

Jo Wood – Rock Chick talks about Hey Jo her autobiography

21 May 2013

Length: 39 minutes   “What you see is what you get – yeah thats me” Jo Wood Jo Wood, business woman, rock chick, interior designer, cook, mother and grandmother. Listen to Jo’s life as she tells us some amazing stories from her life and new biography HEY JO – A ROCK AND ROLL FAIRYTALE. Jo…