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28 Mar 2018

Patti Boulaye, The Faith of a Child GORGEOUS LIVES WITH JOSEPHINE PEMBROKE Effervescent Patti Boulaye was the winner of the last ever ‘New Faces’ show in 1978. Patti’s incredible life started when she was born in a taxi in Nigeria, she literally fell into show business on holiday in England. And she ended up in…

Marie Elsa Bragg TOWARDS MELLBREAK Gorgeous Reads on Radio Gorgeous

29 Apr 2017

      Elsa-Marie Bragg TOWARDS MELLBREAK Author on Radio Gorgeous with Josephine Pembroke Elsa-Marie Marie Bragg is a freelance priest who divides her time between North London and Cumbria. Her mother died when she was young therefore she was brought up by her Cumbrian family who were deeply old fashioned  with a strong sense…

Psychic Julie Burgess Wells: Intuition & how to develop it with Elizabeth Kinder

01 Oct 2014

    Deeply sceptical about hippie mumbo jumbo in general and psychics in particular, Elizabeth Kinder was given a reading with the world-renowned clairvoyant, Julie Burgess Wells as a gift from a friend.  When it transpired that Julie correctly predicted events in her life, she rang her friend and accused her of providing information. The…

Susan Osman Interfaith Minister on Radio Gorgeous

16 Sep 2014

Susan Osman Interfaith Minister Susan Osman, former BBC presenter and Chinese State Radio maverick, is now an interfaith minister. She explains exactly what this means as well as the extraordinary moment when she understood that she had a calling. She talks about her work as a spiritual counsellor and healer.