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Aimi Macdonald Cabaret Comedienne on GORGEOUS LIVES

01 Dec 2015

Podcast Length: 25 Minutes  Aimi MacDonald Cabaret Comedienne on GORGEOUS LIVES    Actress, singer and dancer Aimi MacDonald became a household name when David Frost spotted and cast her as “The Lovely” Aimi MacDonald on At Last the 1948 Show with Monty Python. Aimi tells us about being stranded on the A3 with the Beatles and…

JOHN STANDING sings Noel Coward Noel & Cole CABARET MAN WEEK

22 Nov 2015

    John Standing Sings Noel Coward NOEL & COEL   Podcast Length: 17 Minutes 19 seconds John Standing almost got away from the family trade of acting and into painting but as his mother thought he needed to earn, he fell back on acting. How he thought he would get away with it when…