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London’s Lost Department Stores – A Vanished World of Dazzle and Dreams by Tessa Boase with Josephine Pembroke

06 Nov 2022

Last century central London and the suburbs were awash with ‘Halls of Temptation,’ giant emporiums where you could buy anything from exotic pets to opening your own bank account. Author Tessa Boase tells us about the golden days of shopping, when  visiting a store was a magnificent assault on the senses.  #RadioGorgeous #SocialHistory #MrSelfridge

Know Your Style: Mix it, Match it, Love it by Alyson Walsh on Radio Gorgeous

18 Oct 2017

  Know Your Style: Mix it, Match it, Love it by Alyson Walsh on Radio Gorgeous  Fashion & lifestyle journalist Alyson Walsh gives us inspirational advice on how to have style; jump into jumpsuits and avoid frills and towering heels. Follow: @thatsnotmyage More amazing women here #style #fashion #thatsnotmyage

Do you know your HOUSE HISTORY? Angela Lownie THE House Detective on Radio Gorgeous

14 Dec 2016

Do you know your HOUSE HISTORY? Angela Lownie THE House Detective on Radio Gorgeous with Josephine Pembroke Angela started out by being interested in her own family history. Then as her passion for history and social history grew, she went on a course and is now a house detective. She finds out secrets and stories of…

VV Rouleaux Gorgeous Haberdashers ANNABEL LEWIS on GORGEOUS LIVES with Josephine Pembroke

20 Jun 2016

      VV Rouleaux the Gorgeous haberdashers ANNABEL LEWIS on GORGEOUS LIVES with Josephine Pembroke Ex florist Annabel Lewis of cult haberdashers VV Rouleaux talks ribbons, gimp, feathers, use of colour and her favourite telly. FB Never miss another podcast GORGEOUS MAIL: 

RUBY MOON BRAS Innovative, Ethical & Comfortable with Jo Rees

27 Apr 2016

RUBY MOON BRAS: INNOVATIVE, ETHICAL AND COMFORTABLE EVERYDAY BRA Up with women, fish and boobs! Jo Godden witnessed first hand the dire cost of our fashion in far off climes: cast off dye dumped into the water supply, young women practically slaves to the manufacture of lingerie. RubyMoon makes ethical designer swim & active wear…

Gary Cockerill in the Beauty Hall in Fenwicks – What does he LOVE? Man Week

23 Nov 2015

Gary Cockerill takes us around FENWICKS beauty hall and tells us about SIMPLY GLAMOROUS his make up book. Gary described being in the beauty hall in Fenwicks of Bond Street “Like being in Charlie & The Chocolate Factory” He could have devoured everything! He was so excited about the products Gary gives us beauty tips…

Carol Collins Image Consultants Look Beautiful

31 Mar 2015

Carol Collins Image Consultants.  Carol is interviewed here by our gorgeous new reporter Nicki Bannerman. Carol tells us about her long spanning career as a fashion PR for Harrods and more. @ccimage Love our PODCASTS? Keep up to date by SIGNING UP to our mail out…

Face Matters – Sally Curson

12 Mar 2015

 Face Matters – Sally Curson  After 20 years in the beauty business, Sally Curson wanted a skin product that actually did what it said on the tin so she founded Face Matters. She uses all natural products and a high concentration of essential oils – for both for their aroma and effectiveness – blended with mineral silicon for…

VENUS by Grace Vane Percy – Nude Photographer on Radio Gorgeous

18 Dec 2014

  Photographer Grace Vane Percy talks to Josephine about the cult of Venus in relation to her beautiful black and white book celebrating the female nude: Venus. She loves to highlight and accentuate what is beautiful, not necessarily perfect in women. @GraceVanePercy  Inspired by Women? Then sign up to GORGEOUS MAIL at

Pinny Girls, Frontline Women & Shenanigans on GORGEOUS GOSSIP with Donna & Josephine

16 Dec 2014

Pinny Girls, Frontline Women & Shenanigans on GORGEOUS GOSSIP  with Donna & Josephine Gorgeous Gossip: 00:30  Pinny Girls : 11:35  Donna confesses to enforced fitness due to lying about how many sit ups (100? REALLY?) she can do for an extras job – pathetic! Next we introduce a little known but much celebrated holiday: Rompadon! Josephine…

Vivienne Westwood Book with Ian Kelly

27 Nov 2014

  Vivienne Westwood Book with Ian Kelly   Author of the Week: Ian Kelly is an award winning author and actor and dapper dan who spent a year with Vivienne Westwood, co-writing her authorised biography. . LOVE this podcast? Support us sign up to GORGEOUS MAIL

The Perfume Society Jo Fairley

25 Sep 2014

The Perfume Society Jo Fairley Beauty genius and uber entrepreneur, Jo Fairley – we are forever grateful for the The Beauty Bible and Green & Black’s chocolate – has a new venture: The Perfume Society. Scent unlocks our deepest memories but how to choose a new perfume? Why not sidestep the “guerilly-spritzing” at the counter…

EMMA BRIDGEWATER Toast & Marmalade & Other Stories – An Interview with Josephine Pembroke on GORGEOUS LIVES

11 Sep 2014

Emma Bridgwater From the simple idea of wanting to create the perfect bowl and mug for her mum’s dresser, Emma Bridgewater built the pottery empire she always dreamed of. The colourful, cheerful and practical ceramics have the same design she drew 30 years ago in her Brixton squat. She’s come a long way since then…

The PERFECT JEANS Donna tries them on at Damsel in Chiswick – Listen & Learn GALS! Gorgeous Gossip

28 Jul 2014

The Perfect Jeans Donna doesn’t do jeans. Have you ever seen her in jeans? A rare sighting indeed, like a panda in the wild (same shape?). How could she resist the Paige Denim event at Damsel Boutique in Chiswick. Not only did she find a pair of jeans but they got her to wear a…

Thomasin Newton Image Consultant on GORGEOUS GOSSIP

21 Jul 2014

  Thomasin Newton Image Consultant Gorgeous Entrepreneurs with Amanda Ruiz: Amanda talks neon and other colours with image, colour and style consultant Thomasin Newton. Donna and Josephine discuss the worrying trend that is emerging of young women declaring bankruptcy. Dismissing all thoughts that it might be school loans or the fact that they might be…

Jiya Jewellery meet mother and daughter

10 Jun 2014

 Jiya Jewellery We ask  could you work with your Mother? Could you work with your daughter? Jiya – which means piece of my heart – is a brand of hand woven gold & silver bracelets by Jean and Nicky Varakuta. The bracelets are designed to go from the ‘beach to the boardroom.’ Daughter Nicky, in…

Gillian Anderson Price Every Day Vintage Luxuries

03 Apr 2014

Length: 15.00     Gorgeous Living – Gillian Anderson Price If you’re looking for Suffragette jewellery or an early Kelly bag or naked lady playing cards from days gone by (and who isn’t?), Gillian Anderson Price’s wondrous shop in Mayfair will be your first and last stop. She sells all things vintage except clothing including…

Packed – A Supermarket Sweep with Tessa Stuart Author of The Food Entrepreneur’s Guide

13 Feb 2014

  Problems with the LINK ABOVE or WANT A PODCAST ? PRESS  THIS LINK Tessa who lives in London’s Chiswick studied history and boys at Oxford, and started in advertising. She then got a ‘proper job’ in branding research, working for Cadbury, British Airways, Nestle and Nat West, re-branding ALL the armed forces (handsome RAF pilots…

PEDLARS – “Vintage Americana Restyled for Modern Living” 15% off!!!

27 Nov 2013

  PRESS the White triangle above to hear/ Length 15.30 Problems with the LINK ABOVE or WANT A PODCAST ? PRESS  THIS LINK “Vintage Americana Restyled for Modern Living” Josephine Pembroke from Radio Gorgeous Pedlars is offering 15% off – RADIOG is the code and is valid until the end of December 2013(delivery not included). Pedlars are the Kings…

Chic N Seek: redistributing fashion | One girl’s freak is another girl’s chic!

05 Mar 2012

Want to be fashion-forward without spending a king’s-ransom? RG’s glamour girl Josephine talks to industry-insider, Chic and Seek’s Tara Nash-King.Tara buys previously-owned, mint condition high-end designer goodies and sells them on to us at more affordable prices. You can find Chic and Seek online at: