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Ghost Louise Welsh 100 curated Ghost Stories

29 Oct 2015

GHOST  Louise Welsh Acclaimed, Glasgow-based writer Louise Welsh has curated a collection of 100 Ghost Stories To Read With The Lights On. We are understandably as obsessed with our dead and death as we are with life and while we may yearn for the return of our loved ones, we are terrified what form that return might…

Author Uuganaa Ramsay: Mongol, A mother’s memoir

09 Oct 2013

Problems with the link above or want a podcast ? PRESS THIS LINK Author of the Week: Uuganaa Ramsay Mongol [mong-gohl], noun, 1. a member of a pastoral people now living chiefly in Mongolia. 2. (offensive) a person affected with Down’s Syndrome. Uuganaa Ramsay was born in Mongolia and grew up living in a yurt…