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Shari Lapena The Couple Next Door Sainsbury’s Magazine AUTHOR with Donna Freed

11 Aug 2016

Shari Lapena The Couple Next Door Sainsbury’s Magazine AUTHOR with Donna Freed    From bankruptcy lawyer, to English teacher to literary novelist, Shari Lapena has written her first thriller. If ever there was an embodiment of the poem: Oh What a Tangled Web We Weave, When First We Practice to Deceive! Shari burrows into the…

Josephine Pembroke at THE HUB DOT – The F Word

10 Feb 2016

One minute. That’s all our storytellers have on the Hub Dot stage. And their ability to cram everything they want to say into 60 seconds is mind-blowing. Our storytellers’ rock! Be it personal, professional, funny or profound (or all four!) they have so much to say in such a short period of time.   And…

Chantal Coady from ROCOCO – Chocolate Queen

16 Sep 2015

  Chantal Coady from ROCOCO Chocolate – Chocolate Queen with Nicki Bannerman As a child, Chantal Coady dreamed of a magical chocolate shop but would wake devastated that it was just a dream. In 1983, she made her dream reality with her Chelsea shop on the Kings Road. She was the first to bring both fine…

Virginia Ironside – Yes! I Can Manage, Thank You!

30 Jun 2015

  Virginia Ironside – Yes! I Can Manage, Thank You! AUTHOR OF THE WEEK with Josephine Pembroke Virginia Ironside – Yes! I Can Manage, Thank You! Not to mention the mad dog and the crazy new neighbour. And then there’s the lump, a frightening symptom of…what? Marie is back, courting laughter and disaster in equal…

Face Matters – Sally Curson

12 Mar 2015

 Face Matters – Sally Curson  After 20 years in the beauty business, Sally Curson wanted a skin product that actually did what it said on the tin so she founded Face Matters. She uses all natural products and a high concentration of essential oils – for both for their aroma and effectiveness – blended with mineral silicon for…

ARTIST Susy Michie – APHORISMS at the Hospital Club LONDON

05 Feb 2015

Artist Susy Michie is obsessed with pattern. Her powerful, intricately textured works are created with thousands of minuscule pencil marks. Josephine joins Susie at The Hospital Club for a private tour of her current exhibition. @sumichieartist  General Enquiries For more GORGEOUSNESS join our mailing list

Wives of Stephen Hawking & Psychic Predictions 2015 with LAURA BOYLE on GORGEOUS GOSSIP

12 Jan 2015

00.00 Wives of Stephen Hawking 10.03 2015 predictions with Laura Boyle    After some truly catty gossip about Stephen Hawking, his wives and the fact that you can be as smart as you like but a man is a man is a man, we look to the future with the help of Laura Boyle. The…

Chocolate Lover? The Little Book of Chocolat with Fran Warde & Joanne Harris on Radio GORGEOUS

11 Dec 2014

Little Book of Chocolat by Joanne Harris & Fran Warde  To celebrate Joanne Harris’ sensually descriptive trilogy Chocolat, she and Fran Ward collaborated on a delicious book of chocolat lore and recipes from around the world. A chocoholic’s perfect fix! @franwarde 

Alix Christie Gutenberg’s Apprentice Author of the Week with Donna Freed on Literary Lusts

10 Dec 2014

  AOTW: Alix Christie Gutenberg’s Apprentice Alix Christie, printer, journalist and writer, talks to Donna at the Buck’s Club, which was inspiration for the Drones Club whose preeminent member was PG Wodehouse who created Bertie Wooster. The Gutenberg printing press is the first tech start-up with all the attendant tension that we have become used…

Perfume Society & Divine Feminines Josephine & Donna on GORGEOUS GOSSIP Radio Gorgeous

09 Dec 2014

    GORGEOUS GOSSIP:  oo.45 PERFUME SOCIETY : 6.31 GG: While Donna is under the weather, Josephine is out tripping the light fantastic and picking up must have Feminine Divine paintings for Radio Gorgeous.  Jo Fairley of the Perfume Society has come out with The Perfume Bible, a gorgeous and informative book to ignite the…

Cohousing? Could you do it? Springhill Gloucestershire

04 Dec 2014

Ever thought that for you, conventional family or ‘community’ living isn’t working? On the edge of a steeply valleyed town in the heart of the Gloucestershire Cotswolds rise a cluster of timber-framed buildings reminiscent of Scandinavia. The inhabitants of Springhill are inspired by a lifestyle slowly spreading in a worldwide movement called co-housing. The aim…

Explore the YUKON Canada

19 Nov 2014

    Intrepid Sarah Tucker and her 15 year old son visit the Yukon in her latest Gorgeous Escapes. First, Josephine has to figure out exactly where it is! Discover stunning natural beauty combined with super friendly hosts (Canadians!)   www.sarahtucker @madasatucker  Enjoyed this? Why not sign up for us at iTunes? 

Rose Boyt How’s Your Father

05 Nov 2014

  Author of the Week: Rose Boyt Hows Your Father Rose Boyt initially wrote Hows Your Father while her own father, Lucian Freud, was alive but rewrote it after his death. Hows Your Father is the rollicking tale of four generations of a Hackney family as they lurch through a life of fierce love, drugs,…

Women in Tech Ada Lovelace Day

13 Oct 2014

Josephine & Donna’s Week: 01.04 Women in tech: 07.53 Style for the over 40s: 18.32 Ada Lovelace Day 2016 Josephine is then joined by former skateboarder Lisa Devaney of Women in Tech to tell us about Ada Lovelace Day. Augusta Ada King, Countess of Lovelace and the daughter of Lord Byron, born in 1815 is…

Psychic Julie Burgess Wells: Intuition & how to develop it with Elizabeth Kinder

01 Oct 2014

    Deeply sceptical about hippie mumbo jumbo in general and psychics in particular, Elizabeth Kinder was given a reading with the world-renowned clairvoyant, Julie Burgess Wells as a gift from a friend.  When it transpired that Julie correctly predicted events in her life, she rang her friend and accused her of providing information. The…

How to Academy London & Myths about the Menopause on Gorgeous Gossip with Donna & Josephine

29 Sep 2014

    HOW TO ACADEMY LONDON It’s back to school time and while we’re self-confessed know it alls, we don’t actually know how to do everything. The How To Academy, on the other hand, does! Whatever you’re interested in, they have an expert to tell you how it’s done, whether it’s understanding art, investing or…

Radio Gorgeous Podcast Meet the WOMEN behind the Microphone

03 Sep 2014

Radio Gorgeous Podcast Meet the WOMEN behind the Microphone Josephine & Donna the main presenters on Radio GORGEOUS interviewed by music journalist and radio presenter/producer Elizabeth Kinder. Whats not to like? WOMEN MAKING PODCASTS FOR WOMEN.  Listen  to why, where, who and how.  The best ideas happen in the bath. @Radio_Gorgeous  @Freed_Donna SIGN UP FOR…

Susan Osman China Radio International, Reinvents herself & creates a new career

30 Jul 2014

  SUSAN OSMAN – CHINA Susan Osman decided that news presenting possibilities in Bristol (where she worked with our very own dear Josephine) and London. China seemed the new frontier so she applied for a job but as she was wildly over qualified she was asked to set up a morning radio show, China Radio…

The PERFECT JEANS Donna tries them on at Damsel in Chiswick – Listen & Learn GALS! Gorgeous Gossip

28 Jul 2014

The Perfect Jeans Donna doesn’t do jeans. Have you ever seen her in jeans? A rare sighting indeed, like a panda in the wild (same shape?). How could she resist the Paige Denim event at Damsel Boutique in Chiswick. Not only did she find a pair of jeans but they got her to wear a…

Thomasin Newton Image Consultant on GORGEOUS GOSSIP

21 Jul 2014

  Thomasin Newton Image Consultant Gorgeous Entrepreneurs with Amanda Ruiz: Amanda talks neon and other colours with image, colour and style consultant Thomasin Newton. Donna and Josephine discuss the worrying trend that is emerging of young women declaring bankruptcy. Dismissing all thoughts that it might be school loans or the fact that they might be…