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Heal Yourself with Crystals with Sara Doone WELLBEING on Radio Gorgeous

26 Jan 2018

Heal Yourself with Crystals with Sara Doone WELLBEING on Radio Gorgeous Psychic, crystal expert and healer Sara Doone explains to Josephine, what are crystals, their inner magic and how to use them. She also talks about how we are all psychic and how she developed her skills. Contact Sara #crystals #healer #radiogorgeous

Wives of Stephen Hawking & Psychic Predictions 2015 with LAURA BOYLE on GORGEOUS GOSSIP

12 Jan 2015

00.00 Wives of Stephen Hawking 10.03 2015 predictions with Laura Boyle    After some truly catty gossip about Stephen Hawking, his wives and the fact that you can be as smart as you like but a man is a man is a man, we look to the future with the help of Laura Boyle. The…

Psychic Julie Burgess Wells: Intuition & how to develop it with Elizabeth Kinder

01 Oct 2014

    Deeply sceptical about hippie mumbo jumbo in general and psychics in particular, Elizabeth Kinder was given a reading with the world-renowned clairvoyant, Julie Burgess Wells as a gift from a friend.  When it transpired that Julie correctly predicted events in her life, she rang her friend and accused her of providing information. The…

Create Your Perfect Future: Heal Your Past to Create the Life of Your Dreams – with PSYCHIC Anne Jirsch

14 Jan 2014

PRESS the White triangle above to hear/ Length 23.17 Problems with the LINK ABOVE or WANT A PODCAST ? PRESS  THIS LINK Anne Jirsch is a future life progressionist – she believes you can go into the future and change your fate. Anne began working with past life regression over 20 years ago and through this…