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Agony Aunt Dr Jane McCartney Answers YOUR Personal problems with Josephine Pembroke

20 Sep 2017

Dr Jane discusses inter racial marriage, racism, what is love? Can you be loved? Accepting who you are, divorce and grandparents and more. Email us with your problems at: or contact Jane directly: @DrJaneMcCartney LOVE RG? Never miss a gorgeous podcast sign up here: #problems #agonyaunt #radiogorgeous

Agony Aunt Virginia Ironside | On losing a beloved pet, dating woes, dead love-rivals and alcoholic spouses.

05 Mar 2012

The British are notoriously devoted to their pets and Virginia Ironside is no exception; she tells us hilarous tales of her intellectual cat Bob. But it wasn’t until she started answering letters from people who’d suffered the loss of a furry friend, she realised just how profoundly the death of a pet can affect us….