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Amly Face Mist – Botanical Alchemy GORGEOUS WELLBEING with Josephine Pembroke

09 May 2018

Amly Face Mist – Botanical Alchemy GORGEOUS WELLBEING with Josephine Pembroke  Imagine a wild flower meadow bursting with scents and delicate flowers and grasses swaying in the breeze, a mineral and silver rich stream trickles past you. This is where Amly face mist is created on an organic farm in East Sussex. Try it and be…

Gaylia Kristensen Skincare Versus BOTOX Gorgeous Beauty on Radio Gorgeous

07 Dec 2015

Gaylia Kristensen was all set to retire when polypeptide and protein technology got her so excited she set about creating a results focused all natural product range for face and hands. It was picked up by the Mandarin Oriental Spa Prague and it has spread from there. Celebrity facialist and founder of on-line distributor Kloodos, Julie Cichocki,…