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Why not LIFE CLEANSE? Meet Lydia Kimmerling

17 Sep 2015

  Why not LIFE CLEANSE? Meet Lydia Kimmerling  Lydia’s dream was to live in IBIZA. She is there now, I talked to her on Skype, so could you. Lydia believes that if we stop limiting our thinking we can go forward in life. Are you standing in your own way? Lydia Kimmerling wants you to remove what…

KAUTHAR A story about ISLAM – Meike Ziervogel

06 Aug 2015

Author of the Week: Meike Ziervogel, Kauthar Kauthar is the third novel by Meike Ziervogel (author and owner of Peirene Press). Kauthar is the timely story of Lydia, now Kauthar, a white British woman who converts to Islam and gradually becomes psychologically distorted in her faith ‘In a story that is grounded in recent current…

Wives of Stephen Hawking & Psychic Predictions 2015 with LAURA BOYLE on GORGEOUS GOSSIP

12 Jan 2015

00.00 Wives of Stephen Hawking 10.03 2015 predictions with Laura Boyle    After some truly catty gossip about Stephen Hawking, his wives and the fact that you can be as smart as you like but a man is a man is a man, we look to the future with the help of Laura Boyle. The…

TRANSFORM YOUR LIFE & THE LIFE OF OTHERS with Jacqueline Hurst Life Coach – Health & Wellbeing

08 Jan 2015

  Clinical Hypnotherapist and Master Life Coach Jacqueline Hurst wants to transform your life through The Life Class, her online life coach training course. Her credentials for transformation couldn’t be higher as she pulled herself out of homelessness and addiction and set herself on a course of education, recovery and empowerment. She has created a…

Psychic Julie Burgess Wells: Intuition & how to develop it with Elizabeth Kinder

01 Oct 2014

    Deeply sceptical about hippie mumbo jumbo in general and psychics in particular, Elizabeth Kinder was given a reading with the world-renowned clairvoyant, Julie Burgess Wells as a gift from a friend.  When it transpired that Julie correctly predicted events in her life, she rang her friend and accused her of providing information. The…

Susan Osman Interfaith Minister on Radio Gorgeous

16 Sep 2014

Susan Osman Interfaith Minister Susan Osman, former BBC presenter and Chinese State Radio maverick, is now an interfaith minister. She explains exactly what this means as well as the extraordinary moment when she understood that she had a calling. She talks about her work as a spiritual counsellor and healer.

YOU CAN BREATHE – The Caroline Kremer Method – Health Special

26 Mar 2014

YOU CAN BREATHE Podcast length: 19:27  Let’s get wild and BREATHE! Breathe properly that is. We have all got used to the idea that we only use a fraction of our brains, but our lungs? Yes, turns out we need to Just Breathe the Caroline Kremer way. The trick: focus on the exhalation. Where breathing…