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You’ll Never Walk Alone – Interview with author Rachel Kelly about the power of poetry

07 Dec 2022

You’ll Never Walk Alone – Poems for life’s up and downs Rachel Kelly is a former Times journalist who is now a mental health campaigner, public speaker, and writer.  In her early thirties, Rachel was diagnosed with serious depression and subsequently suffered two major depressive episodes. These two episodes have become the defining events of…

One Night with Marilyn – a play, with Claire-Monique Martin and Charlotte Reidie with Donna Freed

10 Nov 2021

In February 1961 Marilyn Monroe was sectioned by her psychiatrist. One Night with Marilyn is a theatrical exploration of this harrowing time mostly unknown by her millions of fans.   Claire-Monique Martin and Charlotte Reidie, who both play Marilyn in the play, talk to Donna Freed about their roles and the themes of mental illness…

Embrace your shadow self WELLBEING on Radio Gorgeous with In The Moment magazine

03 Apr 2018

Embrace your shadow self WELLBEING on Radio Gorgeous with In The Moment magazine   We all know that positivity and kind thoughts are the key to our wellbeing, but getting in touch with our shadow side can actually help us to find a sense of balance. Wellbeing expert Jo Carnegie and Josephine discuss why accepting all…

Ruby Wax MENTAL HEALTH, are you FRAZZLED? with Nicki Bannerman RADIO GORGEOUS

11 May 2016

Ruby Wax MENTAL HEALTH asks are you FRAZZLED? with Nicki Bannerman on RADIO GORGEOUS   Ruby Wax has been on tour both entertaining and influencing our minds on her new tour based on her book ‘Frazzled’. Following her Masters at Oxford in Mindfulness-based Cognitive Behavioural Therapy she discusses how your brain can be trained just like your body;…

Walking On Sunshine RACHEL KELLY 52 Small Steps to Happiness –

15 Dec 2015

      Walking On Sunshine RACHEL KELLY 52 Small Steps to Happiness The stigma is as familiar as the negative words (nuts, crackers, bananas – why all the food references?) but if we all have had or will have a mental health moment – why not start early on next year’s happiness and take…

Sharon Dunscombe Bibliotherapist & Do you fancy your father in law? GORGEOUS GOSSIP

13 Apr 2015

    Josephine & Donna: 00:00 Sharon Dunscombe: 05:57   Apparently a substantial portion of men fancy their mother-in-laws, flirt with them and think they fancy them back! Josephine and Donna turn the tables and discuss whether they fancy their fathers-in-law. Does a cheeky flirt make for smooth familial relations? Listen in to their gossip….


28 May 2014

How do you explain to your child that your head is broken? Times journalist Rachel Kelly tells us about her journey through depression with the publication of her book Black Rainbow. She tells us how you can manage your life by learning new life skills and through the power of poetry. ALL The profits from…