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JOHN STANDING sings Noel Coward Noel & Cole CABARET MAN WEEK

22 Nov 2015

    John Standing Sings Noel Coward NOEL & COEL   Podcast Length: 17 Minutes 19 seconds John Standing almost got away from the family trade of acting and into painting but as his mother thought he needed to earn, he fell back on acting. How he thought he would get away with it when…

Gary Cockerill From Coal Dust to Stardust – Gary’s Career MAN WEEK on Radio Gorgeous

21 Nov 2015

Gary Cockerill From Coal Dust to Stardust Gary Cockerill talks about his life before and after his success as a top makeup artist. He tells us about working in a coal mine in Doncaster to earn the money to come to London. And being the first gay married couple on the front of OK Magazine…

Vivienne Westwood Book with Ian Kelly

27 Nov 2014

  Vivienne Westwood Book with Ian Kelly   Author of the Week: Ian Kelly is an award winning author and actor and dapper dan who spent a year with Vivienne Westwood, co-writing her authorised biography. . LOVE this podcast? Support us sign up to GORGEOUS MAIL

Own That Guy in 60 Days – Blake Lavak

26 Nov 2014

  Blake Lavak’s Own That Guy in 60 Days is a dating guide for women. He councils us to take the bull by the horns or the tuna by the tail as it were. We push single gal Mandy Lax into the dating pool with Blake. NOTE: This is not so much a guide to…

EMLYN REES A Very Hungover Caterpillar

24 Nov 2014

  It’s the Man Show! Donna gets rather overheated as she introduces us to Sadie Hawkins day, where the women do the asking – or chasing as the case may be. Josephine visits Planet of the Apes – or Gibralter. Our first guest on the Man Show is thriller writer, husband and writing partner, father…