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Isabel Losada: Sensation, Adventures in Sex, Love and Laughter

16 Oct 2017

Isabel Losada: Sensation, Adventures in Sex, Love and Laughter GORGEOUS WELLBEING with Donna Freed  The Year of Living Pleasurably! Isabel Losada has been writing about the pursuit of happiness for 10 years but only now has she plucked up the courage to explore sex. Somehow in all this talk about mind, body and spirit we…

Charlotte Brontes Secret LOVE by Jolien Janzing

05 Nov 2015

  Charlotte Brontes Secret LOVE In a bid for adventure and freedom, Charlotte Bronte went on a gap year of sorts: she and her sister Emily went abroad ostensibly to study languages. Brussels, and the elegant boarding house of Madame Heger, were a world away from the oppression of their father’s Yorkshire house and so was the terrible…


17 Feb 2015

Journalist and author Valerie Grove delved into the correspondence and diaries of beloved author Laurie Lee. Lee created many myths about himself and Grove reveals, the sometimes more fascinating truths beneath the legend. Want more Author of the week? Join our mailout  

Feel Good about DIVORCE? Meet THE DIVORCE ALCHEMIST Emma Heptonstall on Radio Gorgeous

05 Feb 2015

    Feel Good about DIVORCE? Meet THE DIVORCE ALCHEMIST Emma Heptonstall  Divorce does not have to be synonymous with disaster. Emma Heptonstall an experienced legal advisor and family mediator has observed that women in particular come to the divorce process angry, confused and ill-informed. She can help guide you through the transformation process that…

Screw The FAIRYTALE & The Sugar DADDY Diaries HELEN CROYDON on AOTW with Donna & Josephine

04 Feb 2015

Screw The Fairytale  Immersive journalist and author Helen Croydon dropped in on Radio Gorgeous to talk about love 21st Century style. Her first book, born on her own experiences with Sugar Daddy websites, chronicles flights of fancy with wealthy, older men while her second explores relationships outside the married with kids model. Sugar Daddy Diaries:…

Lisa Hilton on The Horror of Love: Nancy Mitford and Gaston Palewski

22 Feb 2012

She was one of the 20th century’s most glamorous and popular authors, he was one of Europe’s most influential politicians of the period: Lisa Hilton tells the story of the tumultuous love affair between Nancy Mitford and Gaston Palewski, the Free French commander who inspired her most famous novel The Pursuit of Love. “Gaston was…