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Swedish Death Cleaning, free your life of clutter with Margareta Magnusson

11 Jan 2018

Swedish Death Cleaning free your life of clutter with Margareta Magnusson  Death is a taboo subject which is very final. Margareta has come to terms with this and embraces it’s problems with a practical, life enhancing idea; Death Cleaning. She talks to Josephine about her life, her book, and her love of cats. The Gentle Art…

Cohousing? Could you do it? Springhill Gloucestershire

04 Dec 2014

Ever thought that for you, conventional family or ‘community’ living isn’t working? On the edge of a steeply valleyed town in the heart of the Gloucestershire Cotswolds rise a cluster of timber-framed buildings reminiscent of Scandinavia. The inhabitants of Springhill are inspired by a lifestyle slowly spreading in a worldwide movement called co-housing. The aim…