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Juliet West Before The Fall

11 Nov 2014

Juliet West Before The Fall Working as a journalist, Juliet West uncovered the story of Before the Fall at the National Archives at Kew. Her heroine works at a cafe on the Isle of Dogs during WWI and has an affair with a man with “reserved occupation” and therefore unable to enlist as a soldier….

EAT MY HEART OUT by Zoe Pilger – Author of the Week on Literary Lusts with Donna Freed

08 Jul 2014

Eat My Heart Out by Zoe Pilger Zoe Pilger has been deliciously described as “a foul-mouthed Nancy Mitford for the Gawker generation.” What’s not to love? Her first novel Eat My Heart Out is both hilarious and horrifying in turns as her heroine Ann-Marie tears through London and beyond on a helter skelter ride. Zoe…

Ellen Feldman The Unwitting A NOVEL – Author of the Week on LITERARY LUSTS with Donna Freed

02 Jul 2014

    Ellen Feldman Author of the Week The Unwitting Guggenheim Fellow Ellen Feldman excels in putting her fictional characters into an historical landscape. In her fifth novel, she tells the story of Charlie and Nell Benjamin at the height of the Cold War. He is the publisher of a left wing magazine and she…

Mona Simpson Casebook

10 Jun 2014

Mona Simpson Casebook If you don’t know her, Mona Simpson may sound familiar because Homer Simpson’s mother was named after her or more impressively she is on her sixth novel. Her first novel, Anywhere But Here won the Whiting Prize and was turned into a film. At 25 she found – and recently lost –…

An Appetite for Violets by Martine Bailey

04 Jun 2014

  An Appetite for Violets by Martine Bailey Competitive cook turned novelist, Martine Bailey took the 18th Century kitchen as the inspiration for her tale of mystery and adventure in the life of her heroine Biddy. Biddy is a cook in a big country house with a new, young and very spoiled mistress whose favourite…

Dinah Jefferies THE SEPARATION Author of the Week on Literary Lusts

29 May 2014

  Dinah Jefferies THE SEPARATION Author of the Week Resourceful Dinah Jeffries drew upon her early childhood memories of the last gasp of Colonial Malaya as the setting of her first novel The Separation. She was able to relive the past with her mother through old photographs but also drew on a tragic experience of…

Elisabeth Russell Taylor – BELATED Author of the Week on Literary Lusts

20 May 2014

One could merely say that Elisabeth Russell Taylor is an author of 6 novels, 3 collections of short stories – the latest being Belated – 4 children’s books, 5 nonfiction works, numerous articles, reviews, radio plays, films scripts, etc. and you would know that she is ceaselessly creative and energetic. But what you wouldn’t know…

The Girl From STATION X Elisa Segrave Author of the Week on Literary Lusts

13 May 2014

Author of the Week: Elisa Segrave The Girl From Station X Elisa’s relationship with her mother, Anne Segrave, was blighted from the age of 7 when a family tragedy broke her mother’s spirit. Under this cloud, it was impossible for mother and daughter to be close. It was only when her mother was unknowable due…

T S Learner – Author of the Week – THE STOLEN on Literary Lusts

29 Apr 2014

As TS Learner, Tobsha Learner writes blockbuster conspiracty thrillers that span the globe and history. The Stolen is her latest thriller after Sphinx and The Map. The Stolen takes on the legacy of the Nazis on the gypsy community. Among other topics she takes on are super conductivity, Swiss complicity with the Nazi regime and Roma history and origins. She…

Create Your Perfect Future: Heal Your Past to Create the Life of Your Dreams – with PSYCHIC Anne Jirsch

14 Jan 2014

PRESS the White triangle above to hear/ Length 23.17 Problems with the LINK ABOVE or WANT A PODCAST ? PRESS  THIS LINK Anne Jirsch is a future life progressionist – she believes you can go into the future and change your fate. Anne began working with past life regression over 20 years ago and through this…