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Jo Wood – Rock Chick talks about Hey Jo her autobiography

21 May 2013

Length: 39 minutes   “What you see is what you get – yeah thats me” Jo Wood Jo Wood, business woman, rock chick, interior designer, cook, mother and grandmother. Listen to Jo’s life as she tells us some amazing stories from her life and new biography HEY JO – A ROCK AND ROLL FAIRYTALE. Jo…

Corinne Drewery SWING OUT SISTER

08 May 2013

Corinne Drewery Swing Out Sister Gorgeous Lives features Corinne Drewery lead singer of Swing out Sister. All the music by Swing out Sister. Pop diva Corinne Drewery was one of the first video stars in the UK becoming globally famous in the 80’s with her Grammy nominated hit Break Out. Corinne talks frankly about her life her…

Sex, Celebrity & Musicals/Author Louise Fennell/Gorgeous Gossip: One Night Strands/WAG the Musical

01 May 2013

  **PRESS THIS LINK TO LISTEN on TABLETS/PHONES/PODCASTS** Gorgeous Gossip One night Stands. Have you been a dirty stop out and what led you into this moment of madness and lust? We discuss this and more with TRACY BLOOM author of the aptly titled NO-ONE EVER HAS SEX ON A TUESDAY. Buy Tracy’s book or…

A Gem of a Show with Jane Ridley on Bertie/ Grace Belgravia / Stella & Dot / Gorgeous Gossip: Internet Dating

17 Mar 2013

Stella & Dot

Love jewellery? So do we and we are fussy – not just any Bet Lynch trash for us nowadays – we want it well made and beautifully designed. Needless to say, we were thrilled to discover Stella & Dot who came into the Radio Gorgeous studio and hosted a brilliant trunk show.

Remember tupperware? Stella & Dot is the modern version, Kath Hill tells us how we can start our own business as a Stella and Dot stylist with very little initial investment. We have Stella & Dot special offer on our website, with a chance to win 40% off some of their snazzy jewellery. Go to our offers page on this website to order.

Gorgeous Women in Gorgeous Guises with Charlotte Josephine/ Anne Sebba/ Virginia Ironside /Clare Duffy

02 Mar 2013

  you don’t have to listen to the whole show…you can just scroll to your favourite bit… Gorgeous Gossip and Bitch Boxer What is a bitch? Are you a bitch?  And is it such a bad word? Josephine and Donna discuss this emotive word in their Gorgeous Gossip, which leads us into Donna’s interview with…

THE PRACTICAL SHOW with guests Hilly Janes, Attica Locke, Mary Killen, Anna Paolozzi

09 Feb 2013

Welcome to radio gorgeous, where as we would love you to listen to the whole show if there is a piece you are particularly attracted to….just press the play button and scroll to your favourite bit. As every GORGEOUS GAL knows – in theory at least – there is a time to be sensible! In…

The Mary Killen Interview: Sophie Sarin Hotelier from MALI

26 Jan 2013

  The Spectator’s agony aunt, Mary Killen, interviews Swedish-born Sophie Sarin, creator of a stunning and award winning mud hotel in war-torn Mali, in Africa. Sophie explains how she built the popular hotel – Djenne Djenno and how the war in Mali has stopped tourists visiting the hotel which is situated in the World Heritage…

City Chickens |Theatre: The Pirate Project |Colour Me Beautiful | GR: Room by Emma Donoghue

02 Jun 2012

Donna Freed finds a slice of the country in the heart of the city at Becky Shield’s allotment, and tries her hand at chicken wrangling… We talk to The Pirate Project’s Chloé Déchery about female pirates past and present – cross-dressing, swash-buckling and ruthless. Lucy Foster’s imaginative new play creates a sisterhood across the centuries…

Foraging with Frederica Smith| City girl Vanessa Vallely| The waxing debate| Author: Barbara Zitwer

19 May 2012

Forager, Frederica Smith, tells us that even urbanites can get a taste of the great outdoors if you only know where to look and which weeds you can cook! Donna talks careers, comedy and challenges with city girl and founder the women’s network We Are The City, Vanessa Vallely. To wax or not to wax……