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Could you LIVE on a Canal Boat? Meet Hannorah she Lives the Gorgeous Life with Nicola Kidner

12 Jan 2016

Could you live on a canal boat? 7.03 minutes long Gorgeous Lives: Hannorah Lee, Life on a Houseboat with Nicky Kidner Hannorah Lee talks about the challenges of a houseboat lifestyle. She and her boyfriend are continuous river cruisers with no fixed address who started out on a narrowboat but have recently designed and commissioned…

Learn to cook ITALIAN Food! Meet Katie Caldesi Food & Drink on Radio Gorgeous

07 Dec 2015

  Learn to cook ITALIAN Food!  Learn to Cook ITALIAN Food in London. Josephine meets artist turned cook Katie Caldesi, they explore Italian cooking over a good lunch. Follow  

How To Juice Debrose of LIBRAW – Vegan Juicer HEALTH & WELLBEING

30 Nov 2015

 Podcast Length: 19 Minutes 18 Seconds How to Juice  meet Debrose of LIBRAW, She’s a Libra, she’s vegan and raw!    Food entrepreneur Debrose came along to Radio Gorgeous and illuminated us on all things raw, vegan and juicy! She has developed a line of organic foods and shares her knowledge through workshops and her…

Style Forever Alyson Walsh AGELESS AGING STYLE

20 Oct 2015

 STYLE FOREVER Alyson Walsh   The elegant and effervescent Alyson Walsh has long been a fashionista but started wondering what happens after 40? How do we stay stylish? She started a blog: That’s Not My Age, The Grownup Guide to Great Style; highlighting the supposedly invisible middle age and beyond women of considerable style. The blog decided to…

Bel Mooney Daily Mail Life Lines Would YOU ever contact a problem page?

06 Oct 2015

Would you ever contact a problem page? Bel Mooney from the Daily Mail –  Life Lines Health and Wellbeing: Bel Mooney’s Lifelines: Words to Help You Through Bel Mooney is many things and Agony Aunt is the least of it. However, as a journalist of longstanding she does write an advice column for the Daily…

Healing Sources – Spas and Wellbeing from the Baltic to the Black Sea by Sophie Benge SPA DIVA

06 Aug 2015

Sophie Benge talks to Josephine Pembroke about her gorgeous book Healing Sources – Spas and Wellbeing from the Baltic to the Black Sea. This interview takes you on a beautiful journey through the contemporary and ancient spas of Eastern Europe. Great insight into traditional treatments set in the most breath-taking architecture and scenery. Find out…

FOOD WEEK Elisabeth Luard – European Peasant Cookery & AOTW on Radio Gorgeous with Josephine

10 Feb 2015

  Food writer, journalist and broadcaster Elisabeth Luard is as passionate about food as we are about moisturiser and speaks to our simple hearts with her encyclopedic knowledge of European Peasant Cookery.  @elisabethluard Love this? Sign up for more PODCASTS for WOMEN

LIVE without PAIN? Align Somatics with TANYA FITZPATRICK – Health & Wellbeing RADIO GORGEOUS

22 Jan 2015

Live without pain? Tanya Fitzpatrick says “Back-pain treatment done TO you masks pain. Treatment done BY you removes it”. Tanya is the dynamic, exuberant doyenne of spine alignment. She explains the system of somatics and teaches Donna to ease her own back pain. Follow: @Alignsomatics THANKS to our sponsors  GOLD COLLAGEN® Interested in health & wellbeing? Then Sign up…

Barefoot Massage, Reviving Stretch & Healing with SUZANNE WATERWORTH Gorgeous Wellbeing

14 Jan 2015

  Barefoot massage therapist Suzanne Waterworth works from the premise that “we all want to be healthy, fit, happy, be able to move freely and feel satisfied with our lives.These things are more interconnected than they seem and I love to help people work towards these goals.” She gives Josephine a taste of the good…

VENUS by Grace Vane Percy – Nude Photographer on Radio Gorgeous

18 Dec 2014

  Photographer Grace Vane Percy talks to Josephine about the cult of Venus in relation to her beautiful black and white book celebrating the female nude: Venus. She loves to highlight and accentuate what is beautiful, not necessarily perfect in women. @GraceVanePercy  Inspired by Women? Then sign up to GORGEOUS MAIL at

Pinny Girls, Frontline Women & Shenanigans on GORGEOUS GOSSIP with Donna & Josephine

16 Dec 2014

Pinny Girls, Frontline Women & Shenanigans on GORGEOUS GOSSIP  with Donna & Josephine Gorgeous Gossip: 00:30  Pinny Girls : 11:35  Donna confesses to enforced fitness due to lying about how many sit ups (100? REALLY?) she can do for an extras job – pathetic! Next we introduce a little known but much celebrated holiday: Rompadon! Josephine…

LISA TSE – The Sorority Club, Brand Creator – Women Connector with Amanda Ruiz

17 Nov 2014

Gorgeous Entrepreneurs: Amanda Ruiz talks to Lisa Tse, founder of The Sorority Club, an all female – and very feminine – private network of professional women.  Lisa also has two other thriving businesses Opus Art and  Lisa Tse Brand & Design Agency. Lisa is an artist at heart with a love for business listen to her…

JANE GREEN Author of the WEEK

15 Oct 2014

Author of the Week: Jane Green’s Saving Grace First off: hats off to Jane Green for giving in and owning her curly hair – we salute you! Jane Green, along with Helen Fielding, is credited with giving birth to chick lit, however, both Jane and her work now have more depth. Donna surprised her with…

Survive & Thrive after TRAUMA with SUSAN COWE MILLER

14 Oct 2014

  Wellbeing: Survive and Thrive after Trauma with Healer Susan Cowe Miller We are very familiar with – and perhaps even inured to – the idea of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. However, the effects are real and can last in the victim for the rest of their lives. Susan Cowe Miller tells us her story…

Body Confidence Tips – Meet Donna & Tora the BODY CONFIDENCE COACHES on Gorgeous Gossip

27 May 2014

Body Confidence Tips Have you tried on your swimwear yet? I have and it is always a shock as you imagine that you will look so good in your costume when in reality most body parts are sadly sagging. What to do? Meet Donna and Tora the body CONFIDENCE coaches they have a book, DVD…

BALLET BARRE Can you really do Ballet at your age?

21 May 2014

BALLET BARRE As we all know, (our) Donna is used to holding onto the bar for dear life, but the barre? More maladoit than graceful, more too too much than tutu, she gave it a go and is now enrolled. Donna Schoenherr tells us how she (a fellow New Yorker with an identical knee injurty…

Movement for Modern Life – Yoga in a dodgy tracksuit who’s looking?

07 May 2014

  LISTEN TO THE PODCAST LINK BELOW: Kat Farrants, founder of Movement for Modern Life, wants to revolutionize yoga culture. She delved into her yoga practice after the break up of her marriage but it was the death of her beloved dog that higlighted the dearth of quality online yoga teaching. Being outside of…

LUXURY RETREATS on GORGEOUS Escapes with Sarah Tucker

10 Apr 2014

Length: 22mins    LUXURY RETREATS Josephine and Donna attempt to manage their new phones and react strongly to gender stereotypes then and now. Ah, the joys of new stuff! Intrepid traveler – and yoga teacher – Sarah Tucker takes on the companies that jack up the prices during school holidays and then retreats… spiritually, physically, with a…

YOU CAN BREATHE – The Caroline Kremer Method – Health Special

26 Mar 2014

YOU CAN BREATHE Podcast length: 19:27  Let’s get wild and BREATHE! Breathe properly that is. We have all got used to the idea that we only use a fraction of our brains, but our lungs? Yes, turns out we need to Just Breathe the Caroline Kremer way. The trick: focus on the exhalation. Where breathing…

The Hub DOT for Women who don’t Network on Gorgeous Gossip

13 Mar 2014

Podcast length: 23:45 The Hub Dot on Gorgeous Gossip We love to hang with the gals, have a chat, make connections: otherwise known as networking. Vivacious networking maveric, Simona Barbieri wanted a low tech, low pressure forum for women to get together, tell their stories and support each other. She devised a simple 5 dot…