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BIDISHA Asylum and Exile: The Hidden Voices of London 100 Authors on Radio Gorgeous

17 Feb 2015

Author and broadcaster Bidisha’s latest book, Asylum & Exile came out of her outreach work with asylum seekers and refugees in London. Through her teaching, she illicited beautiful, illuminating writing but more importantly she allows us to hear these unheard voices. Bidisha is one of those rare people with clear sight, about herself and those around her. @bidisha_online…

Screw The FAIRYTALE & The Sugar DADDY Diaries HELEN CROYDON on AOTW with Donna & Josephine

04 Feb 2015

Screw The Fairytale  Immersive journalist and author Helen Croydon dropped in on Radio Gorgeous to talk about love 21st Century style. Her first book, born on her own experiences with Sugar Daddy websites, chronicles flights of fancy with wealthy, older men while her second explores relationships outside the married with kids model. Sugar Daddy Diaries:…

Anne Sebba on Women at War

10 Nov 2014

Don’t be bitter, go on Twitter. Josephine sounds off on the destructive nature of Facebook. Donna has a Eurorail adventure. A bit long in the tooth for a gap year, no? And friend of Radio Gorgeous journalist and author Anne Sebba discusses women journalists and the frontline. And her new book about women in Paris…