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Learn to cook ITALIAN Food! Meet Katie Caldesi Food & Drink on Radio Gorgeous

07 Dec 2015

  Learn to cook ITALIAN Food!  Learn to Cook ITALIAN Food in London. Josephine meets artist turned cook Katie Caldesi, they explore Italian cooking over a good lunch. Follow  

Alix Christie Gutenberg’s Apprentice Author of the Week with Donna Freed on Literary Lusts

10 Dec 2014

  AOTW: Alix Christie Gutenberg’s Apprentice Alix Christie, printer, journalist and writer, talks to Donna at the Buck’s Club, which was inspiration for the Drones Club whose preeminent member was PG Wodehouse who created Bertie Wooster. The Gutenberg printing press is the first tech start-up with all the attendant tension that we have become used…

Vivienne Westwood Book with Ian Kelly

27 Nov 2014

  Vivienne Westwood Book with Ian Kelly   Author of the Week: Ian Kelly is an award winning author and actor and dapper dan who spent a year with Vivienne Westwood, co-writing her authorised biography. . LOVE this podcast? Support us sign up to GORGEOUS MAIL


14 Nov 2014

It became something of a joke in the British army that when Kate Adie arrived on the scene, the soldiers knew they were in trouble.The BBC’s chief news correspondent became one of the best-known faces on television for her reporting from the major wars of recent years. They include the Gulf War, the conflicts in…

Anne Sebba on Women at War

10 Nov 2014

Don’t be bitter, go on Twitter. Josephine sounds off on the destructive nature of Facebook. Donna has a Eurorail adventure. A bit long in the tooth for a gap year, no? And friend of Radio Gorgeous journalist and author Anne Sebba discusses women journalists and the frontline. And her new book about women in Paris…

Lynn Barber, A Curious Career

21 Oct 2014

  Lynn Barber,  A Curious Career Lynn Barber,  A Curious Career  or How to become a legendary ‘celebrity’ interviewer by Lynn Barber: poke your nose into everyone’s business – the seamier the better, be seduced by a conman (as chronicled in the film An Education), sleep your way through Oxford, write about every sexual fetish…

Bosom Buddies meet Pauline Giles

20 Oct 2014

GORGEOUS GOSSIP Josephine & Donna’s Week A Flower & an Earl : 00.28 Pauline Giles founder of Bosom Buddies: 10.25 Josephine and Donna review their week: Josephine scared the pants off Charles Spencer, 9th Earl Spencer and Donna – after cooing to our canine producer Kissie Moo – proves a crap car owner and gardener…

RULA LENSKA My Colourful Life

08 Oct 2014

Rula Lenska on GORGEOUS LIVES  “All my life I have run into excitement, danger and discovery.” Legendary red head, beauty and talented British born of aristocratic Polish descent actress and West London denizen tells Josephine about her most dangerous role: Celebrity Big Brother! Josephine is now addicted to Rock Follies and Donna is the only one…

Psychic Julie Burgess Wells: Intuition & how to develop it with Elizabeth Kinder

01 Oct 2014

    Deeply sceptical about hippie mumbo jumbo in general and psychics in particular, Elizabeth Kinder was given a reading with the world-renowned clairvoyant, Julie Burgess Wells as a gift from a friend.  When it transpired that Julie correctly predicted events in her life, she rang her friend and accused her of providing information. The…

The Perfume Society Jo Fairley

25 Sep 2014

The Perfume Society Jo Fairley Beauty genius and uber entrepreneur, Jo Fairley – we are forever grateful for the The Beauty Bible and Green & Black’s chocolate – has a new venture: The Perfume Society. Scent unlocks our deepest memories but how to choose a new perfume? Why not sidestep the “guerilly-spritzing” at the counter…

Young feminist we ask Charlie Brades what’s happening? on GORGEOUS GOSSIP

23 Sep 2014

Josephine talks to YOUNG FEMINIST Charlie Brades Also, Can we have it all? Do we even want it? Josephine and Donna discuss Nathalie Loiseau’s new book: Choissez Tout! She is under the impression that women, in trying to be the perfect wives and mothers, are holding back their careers. Stop helicoptering, enough with the breast…

Birds with BOTTLE – Wine experts Mel Jones MW & Sandra Clement on GORGEOUS GOSSIP

09 Sep 2014

Birds with Bottle Josephine and Donna were so eager to get to the booze, they didn’t even bother to gossip! The lovely ladies from Birds with Bottle Mel Jones MW and Sandra Clement are passionate about wine and food & wine matching but hate all the poncy stuff that seems to come with wine education….

The PERFECT JEANS Donna tries them on at Damsel in Chiswick – Listen & Learn GALS! Gorgeous Gossip

28 Jul 2014

The Perfect Jeans Donna doesn’t do jeans. Have you ever seen her in jeans? A rare sighting indeed, like a panda in the wild (same shape?). How could she resist the Paige Denim event at Damsel Boutique in Chiswick. Not only did she find a pair of jeans but they got her to wear a…

Best of Radio Gorgeous with JO WOOD, NAOMI WOLF & HARRIET SERGEANT

25 Jun 2014

Best of Radio Gorgeous You are in for a treat we have created an easy to digest ‘Best of Radio Gorgeous’ for you to enjoy. Firstly you will hear perky Jo Wood talking about hanging out with the Rolling Stones and then the happiness that came from getting of their cloud. Then meet Harriet Sergeant…

BALLET BARRE Can you really do Ballet at your age?

21 May 2014

BALLET BARRE As we all know, (our) Donna is used to holding onto the bar for dear life, but the barre? More maladoit than graceful, more too too much than tutu, she gave it a go and is now enrolled. Donna Schoenherr tells us how she (a fellow New Yorker with an identical knee injurty…

Virginia Ironside – Agony Aunt & Comedian/ Solves YOUR Problems

27 Feb 2014

Podcast length: 17:15 Being a granny doesn’t seem to slow Virginia Ironside down, in fact it only seems to provide fresh material for her columns and one woman show. Operations are the new black, says the hopeful bionic woman and don’t be afraid of therapy. Make your life better: listen to Virginia Ironside on Radio…

Diamonds Darling! Bling Bling Gorgeous Gossip with Amanda E-G Jeweller and Josephine and Donna

22 Jan 2014

PRESS the White triangle above to hear/ Length  21.35 Problems with the LINK ABOVE or WANT A PODCAST ? PRESS  THIS LINK   Our Gorgeous Gossip was suggested when Donna met the delightful J Courtney Sullivan – our Author of the Week – and we immediately started discussing engagements rings. Although her book, The Engagements, is…

Treat Yourself Natural – Make Your Own Beauty Products with Sof McVeigh

15 Jan 2014

PRESS the White triangle above to hear/ Length  25.5 Problems with the LINK ABOVE or WANT A PODCAST ? PRESS  THIS LINK     Don’t we all want to look good naturally? Sof McVeigh is a homeopath, gardener and keen herbalist she is also a mother and founder of The Homemade Company. Sof’s great friend called…

LOSE Weight at SLIMMERIA Retreat

  LOSE Weight at SLIMMERIA Retreat LOSE Weight at SLIMMERIA Retreat. Josephine and Donna discuss their 2014 health regimes Josephine goes on the wagon and Donna vows to be more active. Josephine talks to Galia Grainger Director of Slimmeria a gorgeous Georgian house Hastings, East Sussex. Galia explains how her guests are put through their…

GIRL BUTCHER of Charlotte’s Butcher talks Meat, Recipes and being a Female Butcher

12 Dec 2013

PRESS the White triangle above to hear/ Length 9.08 Problems with the LINK ABOVE or WANT A PODCAST ? PRESS  THIS LINK Christmas is coming and hopefully the goose is getting fat and today on the show we have a butcher she calls herself the girl butcher. she trained at Jesmond O’Sheas in London’s Knightsbridge and…