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Kate Mosse on Agatha Christie’s Disappearance

15 Sep 2015

    Kate Mosse on Agatha Christie’s Disappearance PART TWO of a series with the renowned author. Author Kate Mosse – who fell in love with the books of Agatha Christie as a child  – has been commissioned by the BBC to write a short story to commemorate the 125th anniversary of Agatha Christie’s birth on September 15. Hers…

VENUS by Grace Vane Percy – Nude Photographer on Radio Gorgeous

18 Dec 2014

  Photographer Grace Vane Percy talks to Josephine about the cult of Venus in relation to her beautiful black and white book celebrating the female nude: Venus. She loves to highlight and accentuate what is beautiful, not necessarily perfect in women. @GraceVanePercy  Inspired by Women? Then sign up to GORGEOUS MAIL at

The HOLLYWOOD Show/Author of the Week Daisy Waugh/Costume Designer Joanna Johnston & Actress Indra Ové

13 May 2013

    You don’t have to listen to the whole show just scroll where you want to go To listen on your TABLET/CELL PHONE/MOBILE Press this link Show Length: 75 minutes Gorgeous Gossip Donna and Josephine discuss the origins of the Hollywood sign. Author of the Week – Daisy Waugh – Melting the Snow on…