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Where is safe to travel? GORGEOUS ESCAPES with Sarah Tucker

10 Nov 2015

  Where is safe to Travel? with Sarah Tucker   Better Safe Than Sunny Say Fraidy Brits!   In travel – like anything else – perception is everything. In the past, Brits have been relatively impervious to threats of terrorism or natural disasters but we have become more cautious. Money has always been the first…

Private Malta & Airport Parking Solved!

04 Jun 2015

  Private Malta & Airport Parking Solved! The ever peripatetic Sarah Tucker talks travel: you booked the flights, accomodation and rental car; but when your flight leaves at 5 am, what do you do with your car?  Do you despair of a holiday where you only scratch the surface, never really seeing how the natives…

VERONA ITALY & Travel Trends GORGEOUS ESCAPES with Sarah Tucker

21 Jan 2015

Verona Italy  Our intrepid traveler Sarah Tucker returns to Verona in Northern Italy after 30 years in search of romance and is pleasantly surprised at its unspoiled charm. Verona has something for everyone: fantastic food, lovely castles, a rebellious history and fun for kids as well as Romeo and Juliet style romance. And what are…