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Mari Wilson POP DELUXE : 80’s Icon tells us about LIFE AS A POPSTAR! with Josephine Pembroke GORGEOUS LIVES

18 May 2016

Mari Wilson Pop Deluxe Aka, Miss Beehive, The Neasden Queen of Soul, Mari Wilson has remained “What I Always Wanted” since the 1980’s. She tells Josephine that her career has changed and evolved as the music industry has but her singing for an intimate audience is timeless. Emotional glamour indeed.  Follow MARI @MissBeehive Go see MARI…

DAME Esther Rantzen SILVERLINE, CHILDLINE & much more GORGEOUS LIVES with Josephine Pembroke

09 May 2016

  DAME Esther Rantzen SILVERLINE, Childline & More GORGEOUS LIVES with Josephine Pembroke SILVERLINE WEEK 15-21 May 2016 Esther is now a dame – all down to the people who do the heavy lifting at the charities she started – Etta (her preferred name as it is what the grandchildren call her) reflects on the…

Deliciously Stella – CLEAN TASTING COMEDY with NICOLA KIDNER Gorgeous Lives on Radio Gorgeous

20 Apr 2016

  GORGEOUS LIVIES: Stand-up comedian Bella Younger with Nicola Kidner Nicola Kidner meets her instagram healthy living parody idol: @deliciouslystella who hit the big time when Davina McCall discovered her. Since then Bella Younger is living her dream of being a full time comic (Edinburgh show, gifting suites, working on skits with Jamie Oliver) and…

So, THIS is what happens STORYTELLING – Laurel Lefkow GORGEOUS LIVES by Jo Rees

19 Mar 2016

So, THIS is what happens STORYTELLING – Laurel Lefkow GORGEOUS LIVES by Jo Rees We all love a people who tell a good story or can recount something shocking or moving that happened to them in real life. So it’s no surprise that ‘So, This Is What Happened’, a story-telling club night in the Omnibus…

Marti Webb Star of Musicals on RADIO GORGEOUS with Josephine Pembroke

11 Mar 2016

  Marti Webb tells us about her career from 60’s till now from Nancy in Oliver to Eva Peron in Evita and more.                       Marti Webb returns to Crazy Coqs singing songs from her                      musical shows and recordings on Tues 15, Wed 16 &                      Thurs 17 March, 2016 at 8 pm. Tickets £30 contact: …

Hubdot London INSPIRING STORIES 1 Women’s LIVES on Radio Gorgeous

02 Mar 2016

Hubdot London Meet the Speakers PART ONE  Vivacious Simona Barbieri noticed the natural networking opportunities at a mum’s coffee morning and decided to make it informally formal. Learn more about HUBDOT stories, or go to events: Follow:   @hubdot  Like this? Go to for more  

Could you LIVE on a Canal Boat? Meet Hannorah she Lives the Gorgeous Life with Nicola Kidner

12 Jan 2016

Could you live on a canal boat? 7.03 minutes long Gorgeous Lives: Hannorah Lee, Life on a Houseboat with Nicky Kidner Hannorah Lee talks about the challenges of a houseboat lifestyle. She and her boyfriend are continuous river cruisers with no fixed address who started out on a narrowboat but have recently designed and commissioned…

SANDRA COOKE Self Confessed Cosmetic Junkie & Makeup Artist reveals ALL

14 Dec 2015

SANDRA COOKE MAKE UP  Sandra Cooke tells us about her life as an international make up artist. She tells Nicky Kidner ideas for a capsule make up collection and her  typical  day with the models and photographers which she claims is not glamorous.

Gary Cockerill From Coal Dust to Stardust – Gary’s Career MAN WEEK on Radio Gorgeous

21 Nov 2015

Gary Cockerill From Coal Dust to Stardust Gary Cockerill talks about his life before and after his success as a top makeup artist. He tells us about working in a coal mine in Doncaster to earn the money to come to London. And being the first gay married couple on the front of OK Magazine…

Karen Ruimy Clear Calm and Connect a course of guided meditations to help you realise your full potential

19 Nov 2015

Karen Ruimy Clear Calm and Connect a course of guided meditations to help you realise your full potential Podcast Length: 27 minutes 31 seconds The first programme in a series of meditations from the spiritual author Karen Ruimy where reading an extract from her autobiography she shares the insight inspired by her experiences and gives…

Bird in a Biplane – Tracey Curtis Taylor

09 Jul 2015

    Bird in a Biplane – Tracey Curtis Taylor Tracey Curtis Taylor was totally inspired to fly her biplane the same route as Mary Heath, who was the first woman in the UK to hold a professional pilot flying licence. This took Tracey from Cape Town in South Africa up to England in her…

Julia Roberts Presenter from QVC Life’s a Beach Then…..

18 Jun 2015

  Julia Roberts Presenter from QVC Life’s a Beach Then….. Despite childhood polio and now leukemia, Julia Roberts will not be kept down! Every challenge is met by yet another achievement: given polio she became a dancer, given leukemia she became a novelist. She is one of the founding presenters of QVC, a job she…


16 Jun 2015

Gill Hornby takes the community choir as the backdrop of her second novel. Gill brings together the disparate elements of a small town in crisis with a failing high street and closing businesses, empty nests and new divorces. Can the community choir bring them together and transform their lives, maybe even the town? Singing in…

Death’s Summer Coat – Brandy Schillace

03 Jun 2015

  Brandy Schillace – Death’s Summer Coat. Have you planned your death? Get inspired by death rituals past and present. How is it that we gone from taking pictures with our dead relatives to denying death altogether in a century? Loving our PODCASTS? Keep up to date by joining our mail out…

Face Matters – Sally Curson

12 Mar 2015

 Face Matters – Sally Curson  After 20 years in the beauty business, Sally Curson wanted a skin product that actually did what it said on the tin so she founded Face Matters. She uses all natural products and a high concentration of essential oils – for both for their aroma and effectiveness – blended with mineral silicon for…


05 Mar 2015

    The UNDERTAKER’S DAUGHTER – KATE MAYFIELD Kate Mayfield’s family could hardly shun death as it put food on the table. As The Undertaker’s Daughter she was fully steeped in the rituals of death amidst the stifling atmosphere of the rural American South, untouched by the encroaching Civil Rights Movement. She introduces us to…

FOOD WEEK Elisabeth Luard – European Peasant Cookery & AOTW on Radio Gorgeous with Josephine

10 Feb 2015

  Food writer, journalist and broadcaster Elisabeth Luard is as passionate about food as we are about moisturiser and speaks to our simple hearts with her encyclopedic knowledge of European Peasant Cookery.  @elisabethluard Love this? Sign up for more PODCASTS for WOMEN

KIKA MARKHAM OUR TIME OF DAY: My Life With Corin Redgrave/ Gorgeous Lives on Radio Gorgeous

07 Jan 2015

Is a relationship the accumulation of shared experiences? Corin Redgrave (from that acting family) suffered brain damage following a heart attack which left him unable to fully remember his 20 year relationship with actor Kika Markham (most recently Lois Selfridge on Mr. Selfridge). Previous to his affliction, their life together was one based on a deep mutual love, in addition…

Alix Christie Gutenberg’s Apprentice Author of the Week with Donna Freed on Literary Lusts

10 Dec 2014

  AOTW: Alix Christie Gutenberg’s Apprentice Alix Christie, printer, journalist and writer, talks to Donna at the Buck’s Club, which was inspiration for the Drones Club whose preeminent member was PG Wodehouse who created Bertie Wooster. The Gutenberg printing press is the first tech start-up with all the attendant tension that we have become used…

LISA TSE – The Sorority Club, Brand Creator – Women Connector with Amanda Ruiz

17 Nov 2014

Gorgeous Entrepreneurs: Amanda Ruiz talks to Lisa Tse, founder of The Sorority Club, an all female – and very feminine – private network of professional women.  Lisa also has two other thriving businesses Opus Art and  Lisa Tse Brand & Design Agency. Lisa is an artist at heart with a love for business listen to her…