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Spring Veg Frittata – Sainsbury’s Magazine Recipe in the GORGEOUS KITCHEN with Josephine & Donna

02 Mar 2016

    Spring Veg Frittata – Sainsbury’s Magazine Recipe in The GORGEOUS KITCHEN Josephine and Donna whisk up lunch in the form of Sainsbury’s Magazine recipe Spring Veg Fritatta from the March issue.   This is a Sainsbury’s recipe in association with Sainsbury’s Magazine. For more information, go to, and you will find these…

How To Juice Debrose of LIBRAW – Vegan Juicer HEALTH & WELLBEING

30 Nov 2015

 Podcast Length: 19 Minutes 18 Seconds How to Juice  meet Debrose of LIBRAW, She’s a Libra, she’s vegan and raw!    Food entrepreneur Debrose came along to Radio Gorgeous and illuminated us on all things raw, vegan and juicy! She has developed a line of organic foods and shares her knowledge through workshops and her…

Pitch Up, Eat Local by Ali Ray

10 Jun 2015

Pitch Up, Eat Local (Camping and Caravanning Club) Ali Ray wants you to connect even more with the places you are visiting by eating the foods that were grown, fished and farmed in the surrounding area. Here’s how to get more bite out of your holiday experience! To research her new book, Pitch Up, Eat…

Ruth Rogers RIVER CAFE

11 Feb 2015

Ruth Rogers MBE is the co founder of the Michelin starred The River Cafe. She opened the restaurant with Rose Gray in 1987. She took time, after a busy lunchtime service to talk to our Josephine @RiverCafeLondon  Sign up for all the GORGEOUS news 

FOOD WEEK Elisabeth Luard – European Peasant Cookery & AOTW on Radio Gorgeous with Josephine

10 Feb 2015

  Food writer, journalist and broadcaster Elisabeth Luard is as passionate about food as we are about moisturiser and speaks to our simple hearts with her encyclopedic knowledge of European Peasant Cookery.  @elisabethluard Love this? Sign up for more PODCASTS for WOMEN


Fabienne Viner-Luzzato couldn’t escape cooking if she tried. Born of a Morrocan mother and Italian father and brought up in Paris, her childhood home was full of food and people, cooking and love which is what she shares through her own food. From catering to cooking lessons for divorced dads and children among others, Fabienne…

TOXIC Friends & Your FAVOURITE PUDDING Food Special GORGEOUS GOSSIP with Josephine & Donna

09 Feb 2015

We are not Michael Winner but we embrace his elan: “I’m Michael Winner and I like my pudding first!” After Josephine and Donna debate the best and/or worst ingredients for toxic friendships, we get straight to pudding: you tell us your favourite puddings – and yes that means dessert! Voila: your just desserts! Keep up…

My RELATIONSHIP with FOOD by LISA ROUKIN – Food & Drink with Josephine Pembroke

13 Jan 2015

Lisa Roukin battled eating disorders for many years until she radically changed her relationship with food. She shares her ‘100 recipes to nourish the mind, body and soul’ with Josephine. If her raw chocolate brownies are anything to go by, you will have a great relationship with her food as well! Buy the book or…

Chocolate Lover? The Little Book of Chocolat with Fran Warde & Joanne Harris on Radio GORGEOUS

11 Dec 2014

Little Book of Chocolat by Joanne Harris & Fran Warde  To celebrate Joanne Harris’ sensually descriptive trilogy Chocolat, she and Fran Ward collaborated on a delicious book of chocolat lore and recipes from around the world. A chocoholic’s perfect fix! @franwarde 

Birds with BOTTLE – Wine experts Mel Jones MW & Sandra Clement on GORGEOUS GOSSIP

09 Sep 2014

Birds with Bottle Josephine and Donna were so eager to get to the booze, they didn’t even bother to gossip! The lovely ladies from Birds with Bottle Mel Jones MW and Sandra Clement are passionate about wine and food & wine matching but hate all the poncy stuff that seems to come with wine education….

Melissa Cole BEER EXPERT has a pint with Josephine – and tells us what to drink CHEERS!

03 Jul 2014

Melissa Cole BEER EXPERT Meet Melissa Cole – Beer expert and a woman. The beer industry is male dominated and the consensus seems to be that if we ladies will dain to drink beer, we want it sweet. Thank goodness she is there to set them straight. She and Josephine met for lunch and a…

An Appetite for Violets by Martine Bailey

04 Jun 2014

  An Appetite for Violets by Martine Bailey Competitive cook turned novelist, Martine Bailey took the 18th Century kitchen as the inspiration for her tale of mystery and adventure in the life of her heroine Biddy. Biddy is a cook in a big country house with a new, young and very spoiled mistress whose favourite…

BIMBI BELLHOUSE – Olive Tea Grower

12 May 2014

Love antioxidants – hate bitter green tea? Josephine and Donna are tarts for new tea and they found a champion in dynamo Bimbi Bellhouse and her Mirabilia Olive Leaf Tea hand plucked, dried and broken by little old Italian ladies on from her Abruzzo olive trees. The benefits go on: no tannins, caffiene or food…

Lindsey Bareham Food Writer & Cook talking about ONE POT Cooking and more

01 May 2014

Lindsey Bareham invited Josephine into her kitchen which is her inspiration, her sanctuary and her workroom. She told Josephine about her fascinating career and how she became a cook as she wanted to try and cook what she ate when she went out to eat and was the restaurant critic of Time Out. She’s written 12…

You Can Be Younger – Use the Power of your mind in 10 simple steps by MARISA PEER

29 Apr 2014

Celebrity hypnotherapist Marisa Peer talked to Josephine about harnessing the power of your own mind to make you look and feel 10 years younger in 10 simple steps. First step: eat the oily fish! Step two….listen to her on Radio Gorgeous!  Buy YOU CAN BE YOUNGER @MarisaPeer  Thanks to our PARTNERS: Movement for Modern…

Packed – A Supermarket Sweep with Tessa Stuart Author of The Food Entrepreneur’s Guide

13 Feb 2014

  Problems with the LINK ABOVE or WANT A PODCAST ? PRESS  THIS LINK Tessa who lives in London’s Chiswick studied history and boys at Oxford, and started in advertising. She then got a ‘proper job’ in branding research, working for Cadbury, British Airways, Nestle and Nat West, re-branding ALL the armed forces (handsome RAF pilots…

GIRL BUTCHER of Charlotte’s Butcher talks Meat, Recipes and being a Female Butcher

12 Dec 2013

PRESS the White triangle above to hear/ Length 9.08 Problems with the LINK ABOVE or WANT A PODCAST ? PRESS  THIS LINK Christmas is coming and hopefully the goose is getting fat and today on the show we have a butcher she calls herself the girl butcher. she trained at Jesmond O’Sheas in London’s Knightsbridge and…

Henrietta Green FOOD LOVER on Gorgeous Lives with Josephine Pembroke

PRESS the White triangle above to hear/ Length 54.40   Henrietta Green food campaigner brought US style Farmers Markets to Britain, started Borough Food Market and has written countless recipe books including the Food Lovers Guide to Great Britain. Henrietta champions British food and suppliers and has recently started Pop up Feasts. Hear Henrietta talk…

CHEF Florence Knight – ONE her cookery book and life in the Kitchen

24 Oct 2013

PRESS the White triangle above to hear/ Length 32.39   Florence Knight is in demand. Her cooking is divine and she is beautiful too. Killer combination. Her warm, personal recipes are collected in her first cookbook; plates of refreshingly simple courgette, honey and pecorino, and burrata. Pickled beetroot and rhubarb show off the ingredients beautifully. Josephine…


  PRESS the White triangle above to hear Problems with the LINK ABOVE or WANT A PODCAST ? PRESS  THIS LINK   Donna & Josephine This weekend Nigella Lawson talked to The Observer about herself she also made the comment below which has caused outcries….do women really dread cooking? “Feeling comfortable in the kitchen is essential…