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The Pocket Cheerleader – Your Badass Guide to Getting Moving by fitness expert Bangs Carey-Campbell with Josephine Pembroke

28 Jan 2020

Can’t motivate yourself to get moving? Meet Bangs a badass, non judgemental, anti fitness fad blogger and trainer who has written a pocket guide to getting us off our arses and moving.  The Pocket Cheerleader is published by Unbound Follow Twitter: Insta: #Fitness #RadioGorgeous  Radio Gorgeous podcasts for women 

The A to Zen of Yoga by Sarah Tucker

14 Jul 2015

The A to Zen of Yoga by Sarah Tucker Wellbeing: Sara Tucker, our intrepid travel journalist, is also an experienced yogi. She has written the A to Zen of Yoga, a practical guide for the inflexible and non-spiritual to the bendy mystics among us. The book is organised around the different postures and what they can do…

HIGH FAT DIET by Zana Morris & Helen Foster

17 Jun 2015

HIGH FAT DIET by Zana Morris & Helen Foster Zana Morris is changing the rules on rapid yet sustained weight loss: in order to burn fat, you have to eat fat. In just 14 days and with only 12 minutes of intense excercise per day, she guarantees you won’t be hungry and you will lose…


28 Jan 2015

Zero Balance Massage Zero Balance Massage Therapist, Cherie Duir-Howe incorporates various massage techniques in her unique, painless bodywork. While she treats everyone, she is sought out by those who use their bodies for work from athletes to actors to acrobats. Josephine, a pampering enthusiast, checks it out. Find out more about Cherie LOVING our…

BALLET BARRE Can you really do Ballet at your age?

21 May 2014

BALLET BARRE As we all know, (our) Donna is used to holding onto the bar for dear life, but the barre? More maladoit than graceful, more too too much than tutu, she gave it a go and is now enrolled. Donna Schoenherr tells us how she (a fellow New Yorker with an identical knee injurty…

Get Fit and Stay Fit Bertie Ekperigin: Advice from WellFit Coach Bertie Ekperigin

09 Feb 2012

Bertie Ekperigin WellFit personal trainer and motivational coach Bertie Eckperigin discussed how to combine mental and physical wellbeing to get fit and stay fit! Understand your motivations and unlock the secrets to lifelong fitness…