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Josephine Pembroke at THE HUB DOT – The F Word

10 Feb 2016

One minute. That’s all our storytellers have on the Hub Dot stage. And their ability to cram everything they want to say into 60 seconds is mind-blowing. Our storytellers’ rock! Be it personal, professional, funny or profound (or all four!) they have so much to say in such a short period of time.   And…

I Call Myself A Feminist THE VIEW OF 25 WOMEN UNDER 30

30 Nov 2015

  Podcast Length: 11 Minutes 12 seconds I Call Myself a Feminist! Part 1   Martha Mosse, award winning feminist performance artist, TED talker and daughter of novelist & Bailey’s Prize founder Kate Mosse has co-edited and contributed to a collection of essays by women under the age of 25 who proudly proclaim to the…