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24 Feb 2015

HELEN LEDERER – LOSING IT Funny lady, Helen Lederer has turned her talented hand to writing with the hilarious result: Losing It. Broke, fat and a washed-up has been, Millie clutches at the chance to be the front woman for a new diet pill. Incredibly, this doesn’t solve all her problems! Helen on the BOOK…

DAISY WAUGH – HONEYVILLE with Josephine Pembroke

19 Feb 2015

DAISY WAUGH – HONEYVILLE  with Josephine Pembroke Daisy Waugh returns to America for her latest novel, Honeyville. She tells Josephine that she really wanted to call it “Snatchville” the miners nick name for Trinidad,Colorado. It was the only town in the West where prostitution was legal and it is the background for her darkly atmospheric…

KATIE FFORDE – A Vintage Wedding

18 Feb 2015

KATIE FFORDE – A Vintage Wedding an interview with Donna Freed Irrepressibly lovely Katie Fforde returned to Radio Gorgeous on the occasion of A Vintage Wedding. Between sips of champagne she tells us that her daughter and daughter-in-law were wonderful bridal inspirations. @KatieFforde SIGN UP for more Gorgeous author interviews…