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The Last Treasure Hunt – Jane Alexander

02 Jun 2015

The Last Treasure Hunt – Jane Alexander The Last Treasure Hunt explores our obsession with fame and celebrity with great intelligence and sly wit: it’s a modern media morality tale with bite. Jane Alexander’s The Last Treasure Hunt asks the question: how far would you go for fame and fortune? Jane talks to Donna about…

Twiggy 1960’s

05 Jun 2014

Twiggy 1960s on Radio Gorgeous

In the 1960s Twiggy was the most famous model on the globe in the 1960s as big as the Beatles and she was only 16. HEAR her story here on Radio Gorgeous, Twiggy tells us about growing up in Neasden in the 1960s, the madness of fame and her career as a model, film star, musical theatre star, and more… Twiggy part two we hear about her love life, family, her modelling and now as a designer at M&S.

Jo Wood – Rock Chick talks about Hey Jo her autobiography

21 May 2013

Length: 39 minutes   “What you see is what you get – yeah thats me” Jo Wood Jo Wood, business woman, rock chick, interior designer, cook, mother and grandmother. Listen to Jo’s life as she tells us some amazing stories from her life and new biography HEY JO – A ROCK AND ROLL FAIRYTALE. Jo…

Sex, Celebrity & Musicals/Author Louise Fennell/Gorgeous Gossip: One Night Strands/WAG the Musical

01 May 2013

  **PRESS THIS LINK TO LISTEN on TABLETS/PHONES/PODCASTS** Gorgeous Gossip One night Stands. Have you been a dirty stop out and what led you into this moment of madness and lust? We discuss this and more with TRACY BLOOM author of the aptly titled NO-ONE EVER HAS SEX ON A TUESDAY. Buy Tracy’s book or…