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LS Hilton Domina Lawless women & cunnilingus on RADIO Gorgeous with Josephine Pembroke

03 May 2017

LS Hilton Domina¬† Lisa is back on Radio Gorgeous talking about her spectacularly gorgeous heroine who seduces all men and doesn’t mind killing the odd one off. We chat about designer clothes, cunnilingus and lawless women. @zaffrebooks¬† Interested in lawless women find plenty at #erotic #thriller #bestseller

Victoria Blisse EROTIC Fiction featuring CURVIER WOMEN on RADIO GORGEOUS

08 Nov 2016

Victoria Blisse EROTIC Fiction featuring CURVIER WOMEN – Literary Lusts on RADIO GORGEOUS Victoria set out to write erotic fiction 15 years ago before women really caught on to erotica. Victoria’s books feature curvy women with bellies, busts and bottoms – she explains that she gives larger women a chance to feel confident about their…

EROTICA Julia Chambers

06 May 2014

GORGEOUS GOSSIP: Can you be a feminist, and a feminine one at that, and write erotic fiction? Julia Chambers, author of erotic fiction My Renaissance, as well as a professor, mother, and many other things does just that and discusses how tricky it can be. Julia, Josephine and Donna debate – in Part 1 –…