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True Story London founder Michelle Toth with Donna Freed

13 Nov 2022

Michelle Toth is a bit of a polymath, in part because she loves learning and in part because when other people ask why, Michelle tends to ask, why not? She has been an entrepreneur, consultant, executive, novelist and story teller and is now a highly accomplished executive coach. She is passionate about connecting people through…

Adam Zmith, author of Deep Sniff: A History of Poppers and Queer Futures MAN WEEK ON RADIO GORGEOUS with Donna Freed

01 Nov 2022

It’s MAN WEEK!   Donna Freed with Adam Zmith, author of Deep Sniff: A History of Poppers and Queer Futures Adam Zmith is a writer, talker, thinker and maker with podcasts, stage and film credits to his name. Deep Sniff is a  meditation on the history of poppers and their role in gay culture as well as…

My Name is Jensen, by Heidi Amsink with Donna Freed

10 Nov 2021

Radio Gorgeous was thrilled to attend – in person – the launch of Heidi Amsinck’s debut novel and first in a new series of crime novels, My Name is Jensen. My Name is Jensen introduces us to journalist turned sleuth Jensen, who has returned to her native Copenhagen after some years working in London. An experience that mirrors…

MAN WEEK: David Reynolds’ Slow Road to San Francisco with Donna Freed

09 Dec 2020

Ride shotgun with David Reynolds as he meanders across the USA on Route 50 from coast to coast seeking fellowship and IPA. David and his trusty auto-steed, Harpo, are the perfect companions for these days of armchair travel: they get lost so you don’t have to. Often called ‘The Loneliest Road in America,’ Route 50…

Betsy Bonner, The Book of Atlantis Black with Donna Freed

18 Nov 2020

Betsy Bonner’s sister Atlantis Black went missing and was found dead in a hotel room in Tijuana, Mexico. She was 31 years old. Betsy set out to do what no one else in Atlantis’ life did: find out what happened to her sister. How did she go from being a promising musician in New York…

You Goddess!: Lessons in Being Legendary from Awesome Immortals by E. Foley & B.Coates with Donna Freed

18 Oct 2020

Elizabeth and Beth tell us exciting and amusing feminist slants on Goddesses. They talk about Athena, Medusa and The Furies. The very ancient Goddesses often have wild, dark pasts; more like real women, don’t be afraid of to use everything you have to get what you want.  #Goddesses #RadioGorgeous #Feminism 

Claire Paphitis Ayurvedic Consultant who tells us that modern science is catching up to the ancient laws of Ayurveda GORGEOUS WELLBEING with DONNA FREED

06 Feb 2020

Claire Paphitis is a fully qualified Ayurvedic Consultant who trained with Dr Deepika Rodrigo one of the foremost Ayurvedic Doctors in Europe.  Having healed herself from illness through Ayurveda, Claire founded The Ayurveda Coach in 2019. She now treats patients at her clinic in Surrey and at Alma Deli in Belgravia. Here, in conversation with…

Bible John, Written by Caitlin McEwan A DARK PLAY on at The Vaults, London GORGEOUS ENTERTAINMENT

28 Jan 2020

Lizzie Manwaring director of the play “Bible John” (last shown at Edinburgh Festival). Lizzie talks about this dark unsolved case featuring women who went out for a good night out dancing, which ended in horror. Set in Scotland in the late 1960 the play is partly a retelling of one of Scotland’s darkest unsolved crimes,…

Ghillie Basan’s Spirt and Spice – a redefinition of Scottish food paired with whisky GORGEOUS FOOD with Donna Freed

Ghillie delves into the Scottish larder, from salmon to venison and foods foraged from around her remote Scottish home – rowan berries and wood sorrel – and marries them with flavours collected from her travels around the world. As a lover of spices, she has imaginatively paired her delicious dishes with whisky for an imaginative…

Want to lose weight without thinking about food? Try the JANE PLAN DIET, Gorgeous Wellbeing with Donna Freed

Tasty, nutritious, calorie controlled food delivered to your door. We meet Jane Michell who started cooking  food for friends and then created the super successful Jane Plan Diet. She tells us how easy it is and how she became a business woman in the food world. #Diets #Wellbeing #Radio Gorgeous 

Donna’s Scandalous birth mother story on NBC & pendant comp winner GORGEOUS GOSSIP on Radio Gorgeous

Imagine finding out that both your birth parents were so in love that they faked a death and running away to Spain seemed a logical idea?  Hear Donna from Radio Gorgeous tell us how she was on Today on NBC last week to tell the world her shocking adoption story. And we announce the winner…

Diana David’s delicious handmade chocolates with Donna Freed

15 Jan 2020

Diana’s Chocolates was the perfect solution: When Diana’s family needed her to be at home as both carer and advocate for her son, she knew she had to give up her demanding office job. Her love of chocolates and desire to still work led her to make small batches of delicious and beautiful chocolates. The…

Donna on Today, talking about her scandalous adoption story

14 Jan 2020

Donna was on Today which is on US network NBC talking about her incredible adoption story.

MAN WEEK SPECIAL: Comedy Wildlife Photographer Paul Joynson-Hicks with Donna Freed

16 Dec 2019

Wildlife photographer Paul Joynson-Hicks and interiors photographer Tom Sullam present the Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards. Started when Paul felt defeated and depressed by reports of elephant poaching that discouraged rather than inflamed his desire to help conservation efforts. The awards, in conjunction with the Born Free Foundation, and then the resulting book, help raise awareness…

Get ahead catering for Christmas by Trufflehound Catering’s Jo Buckingham with Donna Freed

Jo Buckingham’s  first career was in management consultancy but her passion was always food. She combines all the organisation, efficiency and client care from her first career with her love of cooking in her client-led, soup-to-nuts service.  Her team comes in, meets and greets, serves and then does all the clean up. Happy guests, happy…

The AA British Road Map Puzzle Book: by Helen Brocklehurst with Donna Freed

04 Dec 2019

The AA British Road Map Puzzle Book: These highly-addictive brain games will make you a mapping mastermind, by Helen Brocklehurst with Donna Freed If the telly breaks at Christmas, have no fear, you do NOT have to go on that long, cold walk: gather round with the British Road Map Puzzle Book. Packed with history…


01 Oct 2019

Stephanie Calman confesses that she is the worst teenager in her house! CONFESSIONS of BAD MOTHER – The TEENAGE YEARS Confessions of a Bad Mother, The Teenage Years is Stephanie Calman’s realisation that her really rather nice children were growing up faster than advertised and not only would they be witheringly more clever than their…

Henrietta Lovell, The Rare Tea Lady

15 Aug 2019

Henrietta Lovell, The Rare Tea Lady   Love a cuppa? Fall in love with La Lovell – you can’t escape her passion and enthusiasm for tea the way we used to drink it before the bag deprived us of the deep pleasure of the full leaf. The Iron Goddess of Mercy lit her fire and…

The Beekeeper of Aleppo, an ordinary couple’s extraordinary tale of horror, healing and hope out of war torn Syria

14 Aug 2019

The Beekeeper of Aleppo, an ordinary couple’s extraordinary tale of horror, healing and hope out of war torn Syria Christy Lefteri’s moving story of a couple tested to the limits of their love and sanity as casualties of the war in Syria was born of her experiences as the daughter of Cypriot refugees as well…

Alison Weir: Anna of Kleve, Queen of Secrets

13 Aug 2019

Alison Weir: Anna of Kleve, Queen of Secrets Persistent rumours swirled around Anna of Kleve… Alison Weir introduces us to a fresh version of Henry VIII’s fourth wife who is mostly famous for not living up to her flattering portrait. On the other hand, Anna of Kleve was popular and spirited and she had the…