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Mrs Hemingway with Author Naomi Wood with Donna Freed GORGEOUS BOOK CLUB

25 Jun 2015

For our very first Radio Gorgeous Book Club, we chose lovely Naomi Wood and her wonderful book Mrs. Hemingway which tells the sometimes overlapping story of the four wives of one of the 20th Century’s most influential and famous writers, Ernest Hemingway. Join us for a great read. LOVE BOOKS? Then sign up to…

Tribal Wives, Page 3 & New Veg! on GORGEOUS GOSSIP with Josephine & Donna

26 Jan 2015

Josephine and Donna: 0:00 Charlie Brades on Tribal Wives 10:15 Donna displays an undo fondness for a new found brassica: the flower sprout! Josephine and Donna discuss the recent demise of the Page 3 breastathon. They are joined by “Tribal Wife” for a time, Charlie Brades.The young feminist lived with a goat herding tribe in…

Feminism: Education, mentoring and the next generation | Reflections on WOW2012

29 Mar 2012

This week we’re talking about the role education and mentoring can play, and future of feminism in the next generation . Do we need a Girl’s Education Programme? How soon should we start talking to children about gender issues? And how can mentoring help in bringing forth the next generation of female role models? We…