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ARTIST Susy Michie – APHORISMS at the Hospital Club LONDON

05 Feb 2015

Artist Susy Michie is obsessed with pattern. Her powerful, intricately textured works are created with thousands of minuscule pencil marks. Josephine joins Susie at The Hospital Club for a private tour of her current exhibition. @sumichieartist  General Enquiries For more GORGEOUSNESS join our mailing list

SHIRLEY CONRAN on GORGEOUS LIVES – Money Stuff, Superwoman, Lace & MORE….

10 Jul 2014

SHIRLEY CONRAN Her early divorce, along with her innate and pragmatic design sense and a gift for teaching has driven Shirley Conran to do many things: free women from housework (Superwoman), teach girls about sex (Lace), demand a work/life balance and she has now turned to money and maths. Women don’t have enough money and…

CLERKENWELL DESIGN SHOW on Gorgeous Gossip: We ask about your business ideas

07 Jul 2014

  CLERKENWELL DESIGN SHOW Donna went to the House of Detention to meet some of the designers at the Clerkenwell Design Week whose work was displayed among the cells of the former women’s prison. Josephine and Donna then discuss whether they could start a business – well, another one. Do you have a business in…

BIBA Creator Barbara Hulanicki on GORGEOUS LIVES

03 Jul 2013

Show Length 37.40 ¬† Biba! Just the name evokes black and gold/art deco/leopard print/dolly birds/1970s/tight cut skinny clothes/earth colours/loud music/feather boas/retro fashion/floppy hats/satin pyjamas. These are a familiar part of the fashion landscape in 2013, but in the 1960s Barbara Hulanicki the illustrator cum designer invented modern daywear and a lifestyle store for the young….