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LS Hilton Domina Lawless women & cunnilingus on RADIO Gorgeous with Josephine Pembroke

03 May 2017

LS Hilton Domina¬† Lisa is back on Radio Gorgeous talking about her spectacularly gorgeous heroine who seduces all men and doesn’t mind killing the odd one off. We chat about designer clothes, cunnilingus and lawless women. @zaffrebooks¬† Interested in lawless women find plenty at #erotic #thriller #bestseller

A Beautiful Diamond Ring that inspires lust & killing: MURDER RING by Leigh Russell writer with DONNA FREED

24 May 2016

A Beautiful Diamond Ring that inspires lust & killing: MURDER RING by Leigh Russell writer with Donna Freed Leigh Russell noticed a gap in her life when her children grew up and out of the house and she retired from teaching. She has become a prolific best-selling author in the meantime who only started writing…

Peter Swanson The Kind Worth Killing CRIME Author on MAN WEEK

22 Nov 2015

  Peter Swanson The Kind Worth Killing You Should Never Talk To Strangers MAN WEEK on Radio Gorgeous Podcast Length: 18 Minutes 58 Seconds Sunday Times “Thriller of the Month” Crime writer, poet and Alfred Hitchcock enthusiast Peter Swanson talks about his second thriller, The Kind Worth Killing. What makes a person capable of killing?…

Ruth Dugdall Nowhere Girl Author talks KIDNAPPING & BURSARIES

10 Nov 2015

Ruth Dugdall Nowhere Girl

Being a trailing spouse has its benefits: when Ruth Dugdall, former probation officer and mother of two moved to Luxembourg for her husband’s job, she realised that Luxembourg was a potential kidnapping haven (surrounded as it is by 4 countries and sea) and conceived of her 5th book. She also talks about how the Luke Bitmead Bursary changed her life.

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If you love crime listen to this:

Cathi Unsworth Without The Moon QUEEN OF NOIR on Radio Gorgeous

21 Oct 2015

  Queen Of Noir Writing Cathi Unsworth – Without The Moon Readers of Cathi Unsworth will know that not only is she the Queen of Noir, she is also the queen of evoking time and place. Her latest novel, Without The Moon, is set in the crime-primed London of 1942; the nights of Blitz and…

Anne Zouroudi THE FEAST OF ARTEMIS – Author of the Week with Donna Freed

20 Jan 2015

  Anne Zouroudi was a high flying executive until she had her Shirley Valentine moment and married the sexy Greek fisherman she met on holiday. When she moved back to England as a single mother, she created teh Greek Detective – Hermes Doktoros who travels the Greek islands, solving mysteries and righting wrongs. The series…

Penny Hancock A Trick of The Mind

07 Oct 2014

Author of the Week: Penny Hancock, A Trick of the Mind What would you do if you came to think you caused someone a disfiguring accident? That is the starting point for Penny Hancock’s latest “domestic noir” novel. She and Donna cover other topics like the menopausal mother and the agoraphobic father figure as architypes….

Rachel Howzell Hall Land of Shadows

17 Jun 2014

  Rachel Howzell Hall Land of Shadows Rachel Howzell Hall has turned to crime fiction and created detective Lou Norton, an indelible female detective working the very LA Jungle where she (and Rachel Howzell Hall) grew up – a perfect mix of LA grit and glam. She also shares with Donna her battle with breast…

Dark & Stormy CRIME Festival on GORGEOUS GOSSIP

03 Jun 2014

  Dark & Stormy CRIME Festival On Radio Gorgeous we encourage women to try new things: be like Madonna and reinvent yourself if only for an afternoon, you might just like it! In that spirit, we got the lovely novelist and Brighton light Jo Rees to attend the Dark and Stormy Festival of crime writing…