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Ladies who lunch, single mums & cougars: The Field Guide to (some of) The Peoples of the British Isles by Chelsea Renton Artist GORGEOUS LIVES with Josephine Pembroke

06 Nov 2019

Cartoonist Chelsea describes to Josephine her hilarious illustrations in her new book featuring accurate observations of ladies who lunch, cougars, a single mother and the lifestyle shopkeeper. Chelsea’s amusing book is stuffed full with all different types of people, which will keep you tickled for hours. Chelsea also tells us about her life as an…

Setsuko Ono, Artist, with Donna Freed GORGEOUS LIVES on Radio Gorgeous

18 Feb 2018

Setsuko Ono, Artist with Donna Freed GORGEOUS LIVES on Radio Gorgeous  Setsuko Ono, younger sister of Yoko Ono, grew up and was educated in Japan, Europe and the USA. Following in her father’s footsteps, she worked for the World Bank while also studying art formally. She started exhibiting once she retired in 2003 and her first…

Joanne Greenbaum Technicolour Artist with Donna Freed GORGEOUS LIVES

22 Mar 2016

Joanne Greenbaum Technicolour Artist with Donna Freed : GORGEOUS LIVES   Joanne Greenbaum is retrospectively glad that she was ignored  – most likely for being a female artist – and allowed to develop her work uninterrupted by the spotlight until relatively recently. Her paintings have become ever more vibrant as the paint technology has progressed and…

Wisdom from LINDY HENNY – Behold Sarah

20 Jul 2015

Wisdom from LINDY HENNY – Behold Sarah Behold Sarah by Lindy Henny – A semi autobiographical novel about the meaning of life Lindy Henny is an amazing role model for all of us. Now in her 80’s this is her first novel. Lindy is a writer, a poet, a therapist, playwright and artist. She tells us her…

ARTIST Susy Michie – APHORISMS at the Hospital Club LONDON

05 Feb 2015

Artist Susy Michie is obsessed with pattern. Her powerful, intricately textured works are created with thousands of minuscule pencil marks. Josephine joins Susie at The Hospital Club for a private tour of her current exhibition. @sumichieartist  General Enquiries For more GORGEOUSNESS join our mailing list

Author Fanny Blake|Artist:Melanie Wilson|Ethical Fashion: Amisha Ghadiali |Life stories:Woolfson&Tay

09 May 2012

Seeing as life stories are very much on the agenda in this arty edition of Radio Gorgeous, we spoke the experts; Shivaun and Frances, the women behind Bermondsey’s Woolfson and Tay Bookshop, Cafe and Gallery. We asked them how personal stories can change alter our perseptions of the grand narratives of history and help, life by life,…