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VENUS by Grace Vane Percy – Nude Photographer on Radio Gorgeous

18 Dec 2014

  Photographer Grace Vane Percy talks to Josephine about the cult of Venus in relation to her beautiful black and white book celebrating the female nude: Venus. She loves to highlight and accentuate what is beautiful, not necessarily perfect in women.¬† @GraceVanePercy¬† Inspired by Women? Then sign up to GORGEOUS MAIL at

CLERKENWELL DESIGN SHOW on Gorgeous Gossip: We ask about your business ideas

07 Jul 2014

  CLERKENWELL DESIGN SHOW Donna went to the House of Detention to meet some of the designers at the Clerkenwell Design Week whose work was displayed among the cells of the former women’s prison. Josephine and Donna then discuss whether they could start a business – well, another one. Do you have a business in…

**FASHION SPECIAL** Kat Barry | RCA Fashion Show with Lesley Goring and Wendy Dagworthy | Vicki Beamon

15 Jul 2012

Welcome to the Radio Gorgeous Fashion Special: design debate, fresh faces and fashion legends! We discuss Vivienne Westwood’s claim that Britain has never dressed so badly, and that ‘disposable fashion’ is to blame; and Donna reveals why leather is a vital component of her ‘Mom-uniform’! Next, we talk to Kat Barry, the designer behind Kat…