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How To Pitch with Amanda Ruiz Gorgeous Entrepreneur on Radio Gorgeous

06 Jun 2017

Our very own Gorgeous Entrepreneur Amanda Ruiz tells us how to pitch in the 21st Century and beware she uses some original methods. Follow: @amandaruizuk For more podcast’s like this sign up here:

FEMINIST FIGHT CLUB Jessica Bennett with AMANDA RUIZ Gorgeous Lives

06 Feb 2017

FEMINIST FIGHT CLUB Jessica Bennett with AMANDA RUIZ Gorgeous Lives Jessica Bennett is Amanda’s new true heroine and she is her self confessed English stalker – Instagram and Facebook has never been so scoured!Jessica is the author of the life changing book Feminist Fight Club as well as a writer for the New York Times.  Having…

Karen Jones CITYWEALTH MAGAZINE talks Money & More – GORGEOUS ENTREPRENEURS with Amanda Ruiz

27 Apr 2016

  Karen Jones CITYWEALTH MAGAZINE talks Money & More – GORGEOUS LIVES with Amanda Ruiz   KAREN JONES aka POWER WOMAN – she started CityWealth Magazine, PowerWomen Awards, is a dog lover, self-defense expert, Chinese art enthusiast and collector and now Freedom of the City of London member so not only will she be voting…

Wealth Creation for Women – Belinda Grashion

20 Oct 2015

Wealth Creation for Women – Belinda Grashion  Gorgeous Entrepreneurs: Amanda Ruiz with Belinda Grashion Belinda Grashion started off life in sales: she was peddling religion door-to-door from a very young age and with an impressive conversion rate to boot. She wanted out but got knocked up by the boss at 18. By 40, despite never…

Queen of HAIR THE MUSICAL Annabel Leventon at Crazy Coqs

23 Sep 2015

Queen of HAIR – Annabel Leventon at Crazy Coqs Annabel Leventon is a true rock chick. Performer, actress, cabaret star and serious actress is performing on Sunday 27 2015 September at Crazy Coqs in Covent Garden.  She has worked with many famous actors including Peter O’ Toole, Mark Rylance, Jeremy Irons and Elaine Paige. Judy…

LISA TSE – The Sorority Club, Brand Creator – Women Connector with Amanda Ruiz

17 Nov 2014

Gorgeous Entrepreneurs: Amanda Ruiz talks to Lisa Tse, founder of The Sorority Club, an all female – and very feminine – private network of professional women.  Lisa also has two other thriving businesses Opus Art and  Lisa Tse Brand & Design Agency. Lisa is an artist at heart with a love for business listen to her…

Bosom Buddies meet Pauline Giles

20 Oct 2014

GORGEOUS GOSSIP Josephine & Donna’s Week A Flower & an Earl : 00.28 Pauline Giles founder of Bosom Buddies: 10.25 Josephine and Donna review their week: Josephine scared the pants off Charles Spencer, 9th Earl Spencer and Donna – after cooing to our canine producer Kissie Moo – proves a crap car owner and gardener…

Thomasin Newton Image Consultant on GORGEOUS GOSSIP

21 Jul 2014

  Thomasin Newton Image Consultant Gorgeous Entrepreneurs with Amanda Ruiz: Amanda talks neon and other colours with image, colour and style consultant Thomasin Newton. Donna and Josephine discuss the worrying trend that is emerging of young women declaring bankruptcy. Dismissing all thoughts that it might be school loans or the fact that they might be…