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Ilana Fox THE GLITTERING ART of FALLING APART – 1980’s SOHO with Josephine Pembroke

03 Mar 2016

    Ilana Fox THE GLITTERING ART of FALLING APART 1980’s SOHO with Josephine Pembroke   Ilana meets Josephine at The Society Club bookshop in Soho, they talk about writing, the 80’s and Ilana’s illuminating story about family, secrets and the dark side of Soho.   Follow Ilana:     @Ilana  Buy the book & Find…

My Stubborn Tongue by Anna Fishbeyn

15 Apr 2015

  My Stubborn Tongue by Anna Fishbeyn – The story of the girl who refuses to be defined by her origins (Russian in America, Jewish in Russia, poor little immigrant), this cabaret style show is told through Russian and American songs and dances from the 1980’s. That’s Entertainment: My Stubborn Tongue written and performed by Anna…