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We created RADIO GORGEOUS for a women to be heard, so do let us know if you have something to say. We are a very small team who can make decisions quickly, no bosses or money people. Just us, women like you. Show your support follow, listen and take part. And have fun. We want to entertain, communicate, amuse, provoke and enthuse you.

You can listen on your computer, tablet, smart phone or cell. Every day hear us interview  an Author, have a scream in Gorgeous Gossip and a try out a lifestyle feature. Listen here online or download the podcast (iTunes top right). You are warmly invited to sign up for our fascinating weekly newsletter Gorgeous Mail written by Donna Freed.

 “It was such fun” Lynn Barber –  Celebrity Journalist

“Pirate Radio for Vogue Readers” Journalist and writer Zoe Williams

“Radio Gorgeous is a brilliant, necessary and exciting enterprise which puts women’s work, ideas, voices, creativity and wit front and centre. Radio Gorgeous is storming a media landscape in which women are under-represented as speakers, experts, stars  and executives, producing brilliantly researched content which never fails to inspire and excite. From politics to the arts, the everyday to the global, Radio Gorgeous is quicker, smarter and sharper than anything else out there right now.” Bidisha Critic, Writer & Broadcaster

“Josephine is such a positive person! She is really willing you on to express yourself. She has really brilliant questions and is obviously really interested! ” Gillian McCallum CEO of Drawing Down The Moon

“Once you listen, you’ll be addicted and won’t be able to wait for your weekly fix. Hearing talented women talking in depth about their involvement in books, art, music, theatre as well as all manner of health and lifestyle issues is both fascinating and up-lifting.  Affirmative, real and full of humour, listening to radio Gorgeous really will make you feel gorgeous.” Jo Rees, Author

“Being in Radio Gorgeous was a wonderful experience in every way. Meeting Josephine was was lovely, she had loads of questions about me and who I am which instantly helped me relax ad feel at ease. It was funny for me because being a coach, I am usually the one asking the questions, so this was different and enjoyable.During the recording, Josephine kept making me feel at ease and I felt like I was just talking to her, not that I was speaking for a live radio, which enabled me to be the real me!
Thank you Josephine for your time and attention, I had a blast.” Na-Ha Confidence Coach, East London 

“This week I was interviewed on Radio Gorgeous, the UK’s longest running women led podcast. My early career was as a radio and TV reporter and out of all the interviews I’ve done, this one was my favourite (except I was the one answering the questions, instead of asking them). Please give Josephine Pembroke a TV Show! She is clever, funny, naughty and kind. It made for an insightful interview as we talked about orgasm, self-discovery, movement as medicine and more.” Betsy Blankenbaker  Autobiography of an Orgasm 

“Radio Gorgeous does the best author interviews on the planet!” Gina Rozner, West London

“Move over Jenny Murray, Donna and Josephine are on the airwaves”Alison, Harrogate, UK

‘Gorgeous by name and nature – I’m sure they all say that! – but how refreshing and inspiring it is to speak to cheering-on, brainy and beautiful women about real things in a constructive and jolly manner! I loved every second of it. So glad to know you! Go radio gorgeous! You rock!’ Candida Meyrick, Founder of Positive Potions 

“Not like any radio you’ve ever heard before!” Patricia, Toronto, Canada

 ”Gorgeous Gossip is Laugh out loud in the kitchen radio!” Sarah, Fulham, London

“Delicious soul baring from Josephine and Donna – most entertaining….” Maria, Manchester, UK

“My new crush. Radio Gorgeous. For women. By women. You’ll love it ” Tessa, Chiswick, London

“Radio Gorgeous stands out as a professional and well put together podcasts, its editorially very strong with a fresh approach and a strong sense of its own identity. Josephine is great – and she manages to get some really good guests.”  David Prest – Managing Director Whistledown Productions 

“Radio Gorgeous is radio by women, for women, and is run by the most gorgeous woman in radio, Josephine Pembroke (she would never say that but I can). Who could ask for more?”  Rachel Johnson Author & Journalist

“Just listened to the latest podcast. Velvety smooth ladies – irreverent, informative. Perfect for a working mum-of-five who likes to be tickled. Many thanks.” Hannah from the Cotswolds

 ”Love Radio Gorgeous! The mail shot always cheers up my week :)”  Rebbecca Glenapp Founder of lux-fix.com

“Radio Gorgeous always makes one feel like a million dollars” Virginia Ironside – Author and Agony Aunt

 Shirley Conran, Author says “thanks for the terrific interview,  there is no reason to write my autobiography any more!”

 ”Such fun – like Woman’s Hour’s naughty little sister” Sam Taylor – The Lady

“It’s fantastic to have a radio show for women BY women. Not that Radio Gorgeous is worthy or box-ticking. It’s funny, frantic, smart; often profound and just occasionally filthy.” Liz Hoggard – Journalist

“Being Interviewed by Radio Gorgeous is a fabulous experience…I loved every minute. Not only because the gorgeous Josephine herself has actually read the book so the conversation just flows.  But what a great idea it is to preserve women’s voices in the 21st century. This is what we thought in 2012 and this is how we said it.  What will my grandchildren think?” Anne Sebba – Author

“Thank you so much for interviewing me. You were very sympathetic and intelligent! I really enjoyed the experience.”Elisa Segrave, Author

“Radio Gorgeous is such a clever idea and done so well. -Josephine is a dream interviewer” Lindsey Bareham, Food Writer and Cook

“Radio Gorgeous has the best interviews, with the most interesting women, doing the most courageous things – right now. You can’t afford not to listen.” Rachel Kelly Writer and Journalist

`’I think what she is doing is absolutely amazing, I just love the radio show”  Michael from Wellbeing Business Centre London W1

“What a great line up of podcasts- all women’s issues covered on !!”  Penny Hancock – Author 

“Easy to chat with and fun company, anyone who is asked should get themselves in front of Josephine’s microphone at Radio Gorgeous” Melissa Cole – Beer expert

“I love hearing the chitter chatter of women’s voices while I listen to Radio Gorgeous in the morning, while my son is at nursery and I’m working. It makes me feel like I’ve got friends in the room. And the discussions are so interesting!” Lisa Devaney – Author

“There is something for everyone on it’s fun, edgy and sometimes quite controversial!”   Therapist

“Josephine, you are really good at this and ask such interesting questions” Ian Kelly Biographer of Vivienne Westwood

“I can’t tell you how much I loved being a guest on Literary Lusts. Thank you Josephine for your excellent research and questions, and for making me feel so relaxed that I could chat about my book without sounding like a nervous newbie author. Hooray for Radio Gorgeous – you are such inspiring women!” Juliet West – Author

‘Radio Gorgeous is absolutely fantastic!” – Jacqueline Rogers CEO The Athena Network

‘I had a marvellous time with Josephine and Donna, they made me feel so welcome and relaxed. I felt so happy as I went home. Soul happy!’ Margi Ross http://www.consciousfeminine.org/

“I had an excellent response from the craniosacral podcast. I have several new clients who are noticing the difference in their lives already! Thank you so much and keep up the good work!” Lulu Ferrand RCST 

“Love, love, love Radio Gorgeous, packed full of entertainment, culture and just great place to hang-out. Tune in!” – Deborah Garlick CEO of Henpicked.net

“Josephine, Thank you so, so much for interviewing me this morning. It was one of the most comfortable I’ve ever had. ” Candice Derman, Author of INDESCRIBABLE 



  1. Found Radio Gorgeous, my life is complete!

  2. Thank you so much for allowing me to talk about my passion – Bibliotherapy. Needless to say, I am now hooked on the whole programme! Fun, intelligent, flirty and necessary! Long live Radio Gorgeous!

  3. Josephine says:

    Thanks all, and if you know a woman who would be perfect for RG get in touch! info@radiogorgeous.com

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