Positive Potions LOVE US!


Loved, LOVED doing this podcast with the divine Josephine Pembroke and Donna Freed at the inimitable radiogorgeous.com  What brilliant women, and what an amazing enterprise, described as ‘pirate radio for Vogue readers’ (wish I’d come up with that: spot on!). Listen in for a live tasting of our Potions – which all received an enthusiastic thumbs up (and they kept drinking them after we’d come off air, so they really did love them!).

Also great questions, and real insights into the process and story of Positive Potions, so big thank you to these fantastic women for having me on the show. Check out all the other brilliant podcasts too – everyone from Nigella to Ella is on there – and now self, so feeling pretty proud, I can tell you. Thank you Radio Gorgeous! Positive Potions sends you big love and cheers


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