Your Sexual Problems discussed with Psychosexual Therapist, Emma Waring NATIONAL MARRIAGE WEEK with Josephine Pembroke

Emma talks intimately with Josephine about how to understand our bodies and the process of arousal better (including sensate focus exercises, cultivating play, and vibrators), and to increase sexual enjoyment as a couple. Emma also provides advice about common sexual issues – including erectile dysfunction, difficulties with vaginal penetration, pain during sex, early or delayed ejaculation, and low sexual desire or arousal – and ways in which they can be treated and/or resolved, as well as examining the damaging impact of pornography. We also discuss women’s sexual problems Dyspareynia, Vaginismus and Low sexual desire disorder. 

Buy the book for more advice: Seasons of Sex and Intimacy by Emma Waring  

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Published on 14th August 2019

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