WOW festival Listener Paula Coston’s day out

Podcast length: 22:00

 WOW festival Listener Paula Coston’s day out
In GG this week we talk about our exploits on the dance floor – Donna was part of a modern dance group whereas Josephine just loved a mirror and disco tune.
We then meet Paula Coston a listener of Radio Gorgeous who contacted us a couple of weeks ago and said she was coming up from Stroud in Gloucester to the WOW Festival at the Southbank to celebrate International Women’s Day. Paula asked us if she could create an audio diary of her day out and we said YES. Radio Gorgeous presents Paula Coston’s Ticket to ride.
Paula Coston is a blogger who writes about being single, childlessness and gender issues. Her novel, On the Far Side, There’s a Boy, about a modern woman struggling with her ambivalence on becoming a mother and searching for a child in the 1980s to now, comes out in May/June 2014.
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Published on 20th March 2014

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