TICKETS: Working Girls of Soho

After her sell out at Edinburgh Festival, Josephine Pembroke of Pussies Galore performs her sell out show talking about the female club runners, strippers, whores and thieves from Soho’s past. At the notorious late night member’s only drinking bar Gerry’s in the heart of Soho. Your chance to experience the real Soho, faded glamour and louche, hilarious stories. Ex Sohoite and founder of cult 90’s band Josephine really was there, she lived in Dean Street in the 80’s come and see history.

Date and time

SUNDAY 26th February

Time: 15:30

Where: Phoenix Arts Club, 1, Phoenix Street, London Wc2 (opposite Foyles)

Josephine’s show is a delightful dip into the lost world of decadence and debauchery! Naughty and nice!” Tony Shrimplin – The Museum of Soho


“I wish I’d had a life like Josephine’s” Jo Good, BBC Radio London

“With her tales of Soho’s wild women, from 17th Century madams to Muriel Belcher and Henrietta Moraes (interspersed with her own stories of wild living in Soho in the 1980s). Josephine Pembroke’s one woman show featuring songs from Sondheim to Cy Coleman and Dorothy Field, blows the doors off”

Liz Hoggard columnist and arts interviewer for the Observer, Telegraph, Times, Radio Times and Evening Standard

“Captivating and knows how to hold the audience in the palm of her hand”

Matthew Freeman – Musical Supervisor, Rat Pack Live From Las Vegas

“Captures the true spirit of Soho, who’ve been the beating heart of Soho since the 18th Century. Captivating and Riveting”

Celia Dodd Times and The Independent journalist 

Josephine oozes glamour

Christopher Moss – A n’er do well.

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Published on 31st December 2022

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