Women In The Media | A-LittleBird.com | Murder on the railways with Kate Colquhoun | Comedian Lara A King

*We are in the process of re-mastering all our old podcasts. This podcast will be uploaded shortly*

Josephine and Beth discuss Kira Cochrane recent article in the Guardian, which asked the urgent question: ‘Why is British public life dominated by men?’ A fervent and timely debate on a topic close to our heart at Radio Gorgeous!

Radio Gorgeous talks to Daisy Garnett and Francesca Martin, the visionary ex-Vogue writers behind www.a-littlebird.com.

Author and historian Kate Colquhoun tells Josephine Pembroke about her new book, Mr Briggs’ Hat, a gripping account of Britain’s first Railway murder. Kate gives Radio Gorgeous listeners get a sneak preview of the book: the terrible murder, the public outrage, the mysterious battered hat at the scene of the crime, and the transatlantic manhunt…

Comedian Lara A King brings her warm and observational comedy to the Radio Gorgeous studio with songs about dieting and dementia…

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Published on 09th February 2012

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