Women in Tech Ada Lovelace Day

Josephine & Donna’s Week: 01.04
Women in tech: 07.53
Style for the over 40s: 18.32

Ada Lovelace Day 2016

Josephine is then joined by former skateboarder Lisa Devaney of Women in Tech to tell us about Ada Lovelace Day. Augusta Ada King, Countess of Lovelace and the daughter of Lord Byron, born in 1815 is considered the very first computer programmer. Tech is all around us and in Lisa’s ongoing mission to make geeks chic, she champions women in all aspects of technology. You will NEVER hear the word “apps” in quite the same way after this interview.

And  lastly Josephine puts Donna’s over 40’s fashion sense to the test. Does she pass? Does she stick on shoewear? And she finds out what pumps are.
Ada Lovelace Day findingada.com
Hashtag for it is #ALD14
Ada’s List adaslist.co
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